City Council Special, 1-12-17

City of the Village of Clarkston
City Council
Special Meeting Minutes
01 12 2017 Minutes
Roll Call: Mayor Percival, Catallo, Detkowski, Kneisc, Marsh, Wylie, Haven. All Present. Joe Luginski presented Jonathan Smith for an interview. Jonathan Smith introduced himself and talked about his resume and answered questions. Motion by Haven, Supported by Kneisc to meet past 9 PM. Motion Carried. Motion by Wylie, Supported by Haven, that we hire Andrew Muniz as City Manager. Roll Call: Haven, Wylie, Yes. Kneisc, Catallo, Percival, Detkowski, Marsh, No. Motion Failed. Motion by Kneisc, Supported by Detkowski, that we hire Jonathon Smith as City Manager. Roll Call: Wylie, Detkowski, Catallo, Kneisc, Haven, Yes. Marsh, Percival, No. Motion Carried. Motion by Haven, Supported by Wylie to ask for guidance on a contract for Jon from Attorney Tom Ryan. Roll Call: Haven, Kneisc, Catallo, Percival, Detkowski, Wylie, Marsh. Motion Carried. Motion by Percival, Supported by Wylie to adjourn at 9:33. Motion Carried.
Respectfully Submitted, Sandy Miller, City Clerk

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