City hall construction work

Contractors made significant progress the last two weeks on the Clarkston city hall renovation and expansion project, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
Projects completed include preparation for and installation of the concrete floors in the new City Council meeting room and the expanded garage area, installation of the new front sidewalk, installation of clapboard siding and trim on the addition as well as most of the existing building, and start of the framing of the new walls enclosing the council meeting room and storage room, Smith said.
“We had a great meeting this week with Midwest Illumination to review the new and repurposed lighting fixtures they will be donating to the city,” he said. “Next week, we expect the students from the Clarkston building trades program to be on site to build interior walls and prepare rooms for drywall.”
They also expect the electrician to be on site to begin rough wiring. So far, the city is $13,859 under budget for the completed work categories, Smith said.
– Phil Custodio

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  1. Cory Johnston   September 12, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Based on the information provided by the city manager, $11,444 of the reported $13,859 “under budget” is because the city DPW did the work and in the city’s opinion costs nothing to use city labor and equipment. This is highly inaccurate and misleading but no one seems to care or be concerned that the cost of this project is not being accounted for in accordance with governing standards and established city policies. The city manager has already stated publicly that he is taking money from other funds wherever possible, to which our elected representatives have said and done nothing.
    I am very happy that discounts are being offered by local contractors and that once again local students are involved. It is however unfortunate and sad that the true cost of this work is being hidden from the taxpayers who ultimately pay the bill.


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