Climate change work of politicians?

Dear Editor,
Politicians and others who claim they have plans to stop climate change are not considering the changes Mother Nature has made for billions of years. Historical climate change consists of alternating cooling and warming periods for various durations.
In the past 2.4 billion years, Earth has had five major ice ages including periods when earth was totally ice covered (oceans were 400 feet lower). During the temperate periods (e.g. dinosaur age), Earth was more than 20 degrees warmer than today and was totally ice free at times (oceans were 165 feet higher). The medieval warm period 1,100 years ago was warmer than today and was followed by a little ice age 500 years ago. A natural warming period started 400 years ago before the Industrial Revolution and is continuing today.
The world population, which is continuously increasing and is currently over seven billion people, have an impact on many environmental issues and have the responsibility to implement feasible and economically beneficial technologies.
Tom Breneiser
Independence Township