County exec search

Dear Editor,
Last Friday the Oakland County Commissioners Auditorium was filed with democrat bipartisanship, that is, “Agree with us or be bulldozed!”
Previously resigned Commissioner David Woodward reinstated his chairmanship, and with 11 democrat votes, including his own, installed himself as Chairman.
The main issue at hand was the appointment of a new county executive. Democrats held faux interviews the day of L. Brooks Pattersons’ funeral, then Friday voted to replace him with the Mayor of Ferndale, who had not been interviewed the previous day, or even was rumored to want the job.
But there he was in the auditorium to accept his appointment, as surprised as a school girl winning the beauty contest.
So our county executive is now a person who did not apply or seek the job but was appointed for reasons other than being best qualified.
In less time than most people take choosing the color of a new car Oakland Democrats have installed a new executive. With fewer interviews than a school board uses to find a new administrator or principal, the county has been turned over to a person not for merit, but for political power.
You have to love the mediocre, they are always at their best.
Rob Namowicz
Independence Township