Drug bust after house fire

A 33-year-old Independence Township man was arrested for delivery and manufacture of marijuana after a house fire in the 4900 block of Cecilia Ann Drive, 1:23 a.m., June 9.
Independence Township firefighters were called to extinguish the blaze, which appeared to be accidental and started in the kitchen as a result of a cooking mishap.
While inside, a firefighter found marijuana and a large amount of money in the master bedroom. The evidence was turned over to deputies. The residents, which included the 33-year-old, 36-year-old man, and 4-year-old boy, fled the residence before firefighters arrived.
An OCSO Fire Investigations officer and NET investigator were called to the scene. The 36-year-old was taken to McLaren Hospital in Pontiac for treatment of minor burns. The child was permitted to return home with his grandmother. The investigation continues.