Five arrested in Paint Creek vandalism

Five Independence Township teenagers admitted to spraypainting Paint Creek Trail after they were caught red handed.
A witness watched the teens enter Paint Creek Trail near E. Clarkston and Kern roads and walk toward the creek with spray paint cans in their hands, and called police, 3:42 p.m., Feb. 22, according to Oakland County Sheriff’s Office reports.
Deputies found the suspects, two 17-year-old Independence Township girls, 17-year-old Independence Township boy, and two 18-year-old Independence Township women, in possession of spray paint cans and evidence of fresh spray painting to large rocks and trees in the area. They admitted they had just spray-painted the rocks and trees.
The subjects were escorted off the trail area, identified, and issued misdemeanor appearance citations for Malicious Destruction of Property and Vandalism.
They were released from custody and must appear in the 52-3 Division Court in Rochester Hills for arraignment.
The sheriff’s office is investigating other vandalism incidents on the trail occuring in January and February, with four young people arrested in connection with spraypaint vandalism on Feb. 13.
– Phil Custodio

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