Health care concerns for Congressman Bishop

Dear Editor,
Our Representative Mike Bishop voted for a tax bill which eliminates the mandate to buy health insurance under ACA.
This Republican tax bill will increase health insurance premiums for all of us, making healthcare less affordable and increasing the number of uninsured people.
All of us will pay for healthcare for the uninsured, whether we get our insurance from our employer or an ACA exchange. The non partisan Congressional Budget Office calculates that this tax bill will increase our health insurance premiums by 10 percent.
Some hospitals may go bankrupt as a result of this Republican tax bill, and none of us can get healthcare from a bankrupt hospital. When your insurance and health care costs increase, remember to ask our Representative Bishop to explain how the Republican tax break for the top one percent really benefits you.
We require drivers to buy no fault car insurance. Why did Representative Bishop eliminate the ACA requirement to buy health insurance, without working to make the ACA work for all?
Emily Duthinh
Independence Township

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  1. Michael Powell   December 28, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Emily, The tax bill that was passed by congress and signed into law didn’t “eliminate the mandate to buy health insurance”, it eliminated the tax for those who refuse to buy health insurance. The requirement to purchase health insurance is still intact under the ACA.

    Let’s assume for a moment that driving is a right, and not a privilege. Let’s also assume that the law requires that every car repair shop must accept and repair vehicles who’s owners chose to drive without insurance. That would be silly considering that such a law would quickly raise insurance rates, and, or bankrupt car repair shops. Yet, before AND after the passage of the ACA no one questions the mandate that requires hospitals to accept and treat those without insurance. Especially when the ACA has always required one to have health health insurance! Why are hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities still required to treat the uninsured?
    What better incentive to get people to purchase some type of healthcare insurance than if we stopped forcing healthcare facilities to accept those without insurance. Not eliminating “free healthcare” to the uninsured leaves one with little incentive to purchase health insurance. And therein lies the real problem with healthcare.


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