Growing up in Michigan, I am very familiar with the phrase, “Don’t veer for deer” as they tend to jump out anytime and anywhere.
I grew up knowing hitting deer is pretty common in Michigan especially in the early morning or at night. I never really thought I would have to experience hitting a deer, I figured I was safe. I live in Clarkston and I really do not see deer around where I live.
However, I was wrong.
One day last week I woke up and was headed to work around 4:35 in the morning.
I was approaching the Starbucks on Sashabaw Road when I saw something in my headlights, I took my foot off the gas and all I could see were ears.
The last thing I thought to myself was “is that a dog?”
Then BAM!
I stopped and pulled over into the turn around right across from Starbucks and sure enough, I had hit a deer.
I was freaking out. I had never been in any type of car accident before so I was shaken up.
I called my boyfriend and my dad they headed up there to be with me while I waited for the police.
My mind was in shambles. I had just bought a used car two weeks before so I was bummed out, but that’s what insurance and repair shops are for.
I headed to the repair shop when they opened.
The repairman told me it was good I did not veer, otherwise, I would have more damage and maybe even totaled my car.
Two days later, the shop called me back and apologized for how long it took to get the final estimate, but there was a lot they had to price out and many parts.
Total repair cost was $6,281.51.
Fortunately, this accident was covered under comprehensive coverage, so I only had to pay the deductible.
At the end of the day I was reminded of two important things, the first, remember to stay alert for deer. With cooler weather, make sure to watch for them especially when it is dark out.
The second was do not veer for deer!

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