Letter to the Editor: Aliaga has my vote

It’s time we move away from the politicians who care more about themselves than the residents of Independence Township.
Jose Aliaga is a candidate that cares about our community and the residents.
I have spoken with him many times and he has always made the time to listen to my concerns and shares the communities concerns about too much development, particularly housing.
I’ve lived in the township for 55 years, graduated from Clarkston schools and sent three of my own through them.
I’ve seen the terrible decisions and backdoor deals made by previous boards and it needs to change. The interim supervisor has already shown his colors with the changes to meeting rules and the hiring of his son.
Jose is the change we need – just look at his agenda. Jose is down to earth, very approachable, and genuine. I challenge you to find out for yourself by reaching out to him via Facebook.
I’m voting for Jose Aliaga for township supervisor because he is the candidate that cares the most about us, the residents of Independence Township.

David Hayward
Independence Township

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