Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Rep. Elissa Slotkin regarding HR-1, immigration issues

Dear Editor,

I am a constituent of Rep. Elissa Slotkin. The purpose of my open letter is to rebut the disinformation campaign being conducted by Rep. Slotkin and her Democrat party colleagues concerning the recent bill, HR-1, and the immigration crisis at our southern border, using the facts from both.
This bill is unconstitutional on its face because it violates the powers delegated to the states by the Constitution. Specifically, HR-1 federalizes the power governing elections that the Constitution reserved to the states.
First, it violates Article I, Section 4, which gives states the primary responsibility for the election of senators and representatives, with the Congress (not just the House), given a secondary role. Second, HR-1 violates the Article II Presidential Electors clause which gives state legislatures plenary power to choose electors for the Electoral College.
But there’s more. HR-1 does just the opposite of what Rep. Slotkin and her party claim. It guts election integrity rather than strengthen it. HR-1 seizes the authority of the states to regulate voter registration and the voting process. It also threatens the independence of the Judicial Branch.
Here are a few examples.
1. HR-1 forces the states to implement early voting, automatic voter registration, same-day registration, on-line registration and “no-fault” absentee ballots (no signature requirements -see below). Automatic voter registration from DMV, welfare and other databases would register many ineligible voters, including illegal aliens. HR-1 prevents state election officials from checking the eligibility and qualification of voters and removing ineligible voters by purging voter rolls. This could lead to many ineligible persons voting.
2. HR-1 allows voters to vote in any precinct with same-day voter registration. This provision makes multiple voting in several precincts an easy way to commit voter fraud. This destroys the “One Man, One Vote” principle of voter equality and election integrity.
3. The bill bans witness signature and notarization requirements on absentee ballots. This opens the floodgates for “ballot harvesting” and insecure “ballot dropboxes” – both mandated by HR-1. Both ballot harvesting and insecure dropboxes result in ballots with no chain of custody. This permits political operatives to commit large-scale voter fraud.
4. HR-1 bans voter ID requirements. Instead, HR-1 substitutes signing a sworn statement that the voter is who he/she claims to be. Why is it OK to require a government-issued ID for air travel and COVID-19 vaccinations, but NOT for voting? This, along with “voting in any precinct” introduces the possibility of significant voter fraud.
5. The bill forces judges to testify before a committee of bureaucrats (“Commission to Protect Democratic Institutions”) in Washington, DC, to justify their decisions on elections, threatening the independence of the Judicial Branch. Sound familiar? Same thing happened in the French Revolution with “Committees of Public Safety” under Robespierre.
These are just a few of the provisions which promote & encourage – not reduce – voter fraud. There are more. HR-1 is simply a democrat party tool to guarantee a win in every election.
Rep. Slotkin and her Democrat party colleagues claim there is no crisis at the southern border.
In October 2020, the last month of the Trump Administration before the 2020 election, the number of illegal aliens caught and returned to Mexico as recorded on the Border Patrol website, was 71,946. The number begin increasing from a low of 34,460 in March 2020, anticipating a Biden victory. In February 2021, over 100,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended. The rate of Illegal immigrant border apprehensions is on pace to meet or exceed 150,000 migrants in March 2021. This is double the amount in the previous Administration and almost 5,000 per day. If this isn’t a crisis – then what is?
These border violators are not just asylum seekers. They include unknown persons from many unfriendly nations as well as drug smugglers and human traffickers. These boarder violators could do great harm to this country.
Why is Rep. Slotkin and her democrat colleagues spending $86 million of taxpayer funds to house illegal aliens in Texas hotels while the National Guard in Washington, DC, sleeps in parking garages? Why is the U.S.-Canadian border locked down while the US-Mexican border is wide open?
Rep. Slotkin won the 2020 November election with less than one percent of the total vote – and that total is in doubt due to the 2020 election fraud allegations currently being investigated. One percent is certainly NOT a mandate. Yet, she represents us as if it were. Perhaps she should remember that razor-thin margin every time she casts a vote.
I invite Rep. Slotkin to respond to my open letter with a Letter to the Editor to The Clarkston News.

L. Preston Brooks, Jr.
Captain, U.S. Navy, (ret)

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