Letter to the Editor: Fisher for supervisor

My wife and I have been residents of Independence Township for over 50 years.
We have found peace and comfort in a community that has not been overly developed and with urban sprawl at a minimum. In addition, the park system throughout the community has been a blessing for exercise, and relaxation.
My decision to support Gerald Fisher in the upcoming election is because I know he stands for the same interests as my own through his involvement in the community as the township lawyer for 25 years. During his tenure, he had been active in safeguarding the environment with his positions in land conservation groups and Oakland County Parks system.
Many people are unaware that the Sashabaw corridor, where the Sashabaw Creek Meadows sits now, was close to being developed as a gravel quarry. This parcel of land and a wetland parcel that was annexed into the Clintonwood Park, were safeguarded through Gerald Fisher’s management of zoning restrictions to the property. This land abuts the Clinton River watershed that has its origins just to the north.
I’m well aware of this activity because my home is on Whipple Lake that may have been impacted by the gravel quarry, let alone all the double bottom gravel trains passing through the road systems and the damage to our infrastructure.
Even before this took place, Gerald Fisher, in private practice, saved me thousands of dollars in lending fees through his knowledge of the state’s usury laws against predatory lending.
In the last 20 years, Gerald Fisher has been giving back through his teaching of law and is now a professor emeritus. He has received numerous awards through his knowledge of zoning laws and professorship.
I firmly stand behind Gerald Fisher because I know he’ll continue to safeguard our treasured community. His record is proven many times over.
Jim & Jane Sitko
Independence Township

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