Letter to the Editor: Loving GM donation

Re: “GM donates $500K to new Sloan Museum of Discovery in Flint for STEM exhibits, programs,” Clarkston News, July 6, 2022.
To tell the truth, it is so cool that General Motors donates $500,000 to the new Sloan Museum because it opens so many opportunities for this museum and helps it fulfill the potential in full measure.
It is so cool that the Sloan Museum will have new prospects to develop and move forward to a huge extent.
This museum has such a long and rich history, standing out with a truly unique concept which I will never stop admiring.
Of course, it is really important to always progress and push boundaries in order to create something new.
I’m sure that all contributions of General Motors will bear huge fruits and will pay off to a global extent because they are all prerequisites for this.
I think that rotating vehicles showcasing the history and future of the automobile is truly an incredible thing and it is a huge step to the future which can completely transform a human’s mind.
I think that it will be a great and necessary breakthrough which will be able to blow people’s minds.
Marina Teramond
Baltimore, Md.

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