Letter to the Editor: Questioning one local leader’s border crisis silence

Dear Editor,

Michigan District 8 Representative Elissa Slotkin’s silence on our broken border is deafening. You would think a sitting member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, like Slotkin, might have something profound to say about the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated, illegal aliens who have surged to the border seeking asylum, just as President Biden encouraged during the campaign.
Sadly, she has demonstrated she simply doesn’t understand the importance of our border. Rep. Slotkin created an inextricable link between the border and national security while addressing concerns over President Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. During her August 31 virtual town hall, she answered a sobering question from a military veteran:  “What was my sacrifice for?” Her answer is she believes that what veterans of Afghanistan have done was, “buy us 20 years to figure out how to protect ourselves from the very threat that got us on 9/11…for us to build-up our defenses here at home.”
If the despicable condition of our border is what it looks like to spend 20-years “building-up our defenses here at home,” then Rep. Slotkin should be expelled from her role on the Homeland Security Committee. Instead, she has actively promoted her efforts to rescue Afghan nationals and she will vote in approval of one of the largest spending bills in US history that will provide free health care and community college to the very illegal aliens that invaded the border she refuses to talk about. As a concerned, law-abiding citizen, I would like to remind Rep. Slotkin we still have a US Constitution, and Article IV, Section 4 requires the federal government must guarantee every State with protection against invasion.
If she can’t honor her Oath of Office and defend this Constitution, then she should step down from office.

Alex Yarber
Holly, formerly of Clarkston

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