Letter to the Editor: Remembering a Clarkston gem

Dear Editor,

Last week, you reported the death of a dear friend – Mel Vaara – with a wonderful article and letter.
I was unable to attend the funeral but sure miss him. He leaves a significant legacy to this community.
I want to acknowledge another gift by him to the community – a new senior center – when it was needed most. The previous senior center was a dilapidated old farmhouse, greatly needing replacement. Having served on its Board of Directors for many years, perhaps it was natural for him step forward to facilitate an effort to replace the old with new, and he did!
He formed a committee, and they worked tirelessly. Under his leadership, the result was a new center. His effort and the result need to be recognized as an addition to Mel’s gifts to this community.
May this wonderful man rest in peace and be remembered for all he did for us and with us!

Tom Stone

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