Letter to the Editor: Residents want planner to stay

Dear Editor,

We are writing to support Sam Moraco and keep him on the Independence Township Planning Commission.
We purchased property, built a house, and moved here over 30 years ago because we wanted to avoid the “development at any cost” mentality of some on the surrounding communities.
Sam has been one of the few voices of reason on the planning commission and has supported the residents that want limited development and to maintain the small-town atmosphere that so many of us moved here to enjoy.
He has had the fortitude to push back against the “anything to increase the tax base crowd” and instead supported the people who live here.
We hope that the Independence Township Board of Trustees has the wisdom and the fortitude to push back against the unelected interim supervisor (Gerald Fisher) and not bow to his wishes to remove a long-term community servant like Sam Moraco.
If Mr. Fisher wants to make sweeping changes to the planning commission, we would hope that he would wait until he was elected by the people that will need to live with his changes.

Arnie and Rae Luallen
Independence Township

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