Letter to the Editor: Supporting local ALS

On August 2, many Clarkston residents will be going to the polls to choose their party’s nominee, but some of us will have another important decision to make.
The Springfield Township Fire Department Advanced Life Support Millage will be on the ballot for some residents. The average estimated annual property tax increase for a Springfield property owner of $94 a year may seem like just another price increase, but it is an investment that will save lives.
In June of 2021, my family experienced a fatal vehicle accident. It was the Springfield Township Fire Department that was on scene within minutes to administrator aid. While one of our family member’s lives were lost, another’s was saved. It’s hard to quantify the impact additional paramedics and emergency medical technicians will make. How do you weigh the benefit of two more fully equipped Advanced Life Support ambulances? Once your family has been impacted by the fire departments support, it becomes clear.
You may be thinking our government isn’t always the best steward of our money, and that may be true, but when it comes to supporting our local fire and rescue, it is important we listen and give them the support they need and are asking for.
According to information published by Springfield Township, private ambulance company average response times have increased to over 17 minutes. During the Springfield Township ALS trial program, fire department medical call response times reduced to under seven and a half minutes.
When you go to the polls on Tuesday or fill out your ballots at home, remember how important nine and a half minutes minutes can make to you and your family.

Charles Scott
Springfield Township

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