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No to negative ads

Dear Editor,
The other day I received a post card from Andrea Schroeder, this time attacking Jose Aliaga.
Jose is one of the few Independence Township trustees who is a good Christian man running for office. Jose did knock on my door and talk about issues such as the very high cost of auto insurance, which keeps going up every year, and how we need to abolish Common Core and go back to good old standards of math, science, and reading as the guiding principles for education. He has solutions for fixing our bad roads and making sure the state stops taxing pensions on us seniors.
Andrea on the other hand, let me tell you about her. She was in the park the other day handing out literature with Jim Tedder, of all people. Jim Tedder, as you know raised our taxes and has done nothing to help any of us, only himself.
Lastly, I want to hear what solutions Andrea has, so far its been nothing, she refuses to answer simple emails sent to her website, and after her latest round of postcards, I am going to vote for Jose as he is the only one in the race that has taken the time to email me back or call me if I have a question or want an answer.
Thank you.
Dorris Mazy
Independence Township

Smear not appreciated

Dear Editor,
I am very disappointed that Andrea Schroeder is using “politics-as-usual” to distort and smear José Aliaga’s good reputation as a real local representative of the people he serves so determinedly and passionately!
She offers no solutions, and appears to be a “good-old-buddy” of the Lansing establishment, getting funds from them, and therefore beholden to them – rather than, like Aliaga, a true grassroots fighter for his neighbors’ concerns, and steadfast fighter for conservative values!
He has earned my trust over the years, and I will proudly vote for him in August – I know José Aliaga will do everything he can to Make America and Michigan Great Again!
Dorothy Day
Independence Township

No to neighbor attack

Dear Editor,
The Andrea Schroeder Campaign put out a mailer questioning whether Jose Aliaga was a Republican and even questioning his loyalty to America and the great state of Michigan, and that somehow he was tied politically to his native Peru.
Candidates should talk and argue about issues affecting us all not go out on smear campaigns funded by Big Lansing Money!
Jose and Andrea live in the same township and work as trustees on the same board. Here we have neighbor attacking neighbor, board member attacking fellow board member for political gain!
We don’t need politicians that are supported by Lansing money.
We need real public servants that are accessible and find out what the issues are that people care about!
We do not need a big money lap dog!
Bob Hallett
Independence Township

Thanks for help

Dear Editor,

The St. Daniel Council of the Knights of Columbus would like to thank the Clarkston Community for the support and donations made to this year’s Tootsie Roll Drive to benefit people with intellectual disabilities.  The 2018 Tootsie Roll Drive generated income of $5,640, which is being distributed to the following organizations:Angels’ Place, group homes for adults with special needs, $2,510;Michigan Special Olympics, $1,130;SCAMP of Clarkston, camp for children and young adults with special needs, $1,000;ARC of Oakland County, advocacy group for families with special needs, $500; and Club Create Clarkston, art program for special needs adults, $500.Through your donations to this annual Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive, you have enabled the St. Daniel Council to further our mission of giving back to the Clarkston Community.  St. Daniel Council is a group dedicated to serving God and our neighbors and your support of our mission is greatly appreciated.
St. Daniel Council of the Knights of Columbus

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  1. Kelly   August 1, 2018 at 8:11 pm

    Jose has my vote . He isn’t out to smear anyone’s reputation.


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