‘No’ to new parking batteries

City Council declined to approve a request by the city manager to buy a new set of batteries for the city’s paid-parking kiosk.
Council member Scott Reynolds, who voted against the purchase at Monday’s meeting, wanted information on hooking the kiosk to the municipal power system.
“Is it better economically to just hardwire it – this seems like a lot for two batteries,” Reynolds said.
City Manager Jonathan Smith requested $721 to buy a $320 battery charger, large battery costing $230, small battery for $121, and $50 for shipping and handling.
The $721 total would come from the Traffic and Safety Control Systems account, from paid-parking revenue.
“We purchased one set of batteries with the kiosk,” Smith said. “We’re now experiencing the effects of a cloudy day – they’re not staying charged with just the solar batteries.”
Mayor Eric Haven and Council members Rick Detkowski and Sue Wylie voted in favor. Council members Al Avery, Jason Kneisc, and David Marsh were absent. The vote was 3-1, but four votes are needed to approve any measure put before the council.
City Manager Jonathan Smith said he will investigate plugging in the kiosk and report back to council.
– Phil Custodio