Passing the time, staying safe from COVID

Three-year-old Chase Boyer drives a virtual bus with 11-year-old Bailey Boyer and 80-year-old “Pappy,” Don Boyer, who was visiting from New York at the time of the coronavirus outbreak. “They rode this ‘bus’ all over town and to Disney World a few times. Chase charged 25 cents a ride, but he allowed us to keep rotating the quarters, at least,” said the kids’ mother, Amy Boyer. Photos provided

With Gov. Gretchen Whitmer enacting the “stay home, stay safe” executive order on March 23, Clarkston-area residents are staying busy in many ways.

“It changes my view on humanity. (Gov. Whitmer) is doing this because too many individuals failed to stay home.”

– Terra Durnen

“Going for walks with the dogs and mom.”

– Dawn Sommers

“Having the kids help me prepare our home to put it on the market. We’re moving to Arizona after my daughter graduates on June 1.”

– Anne Lantero

“Putting away the Christmas decor and tree and putting up Easter decor, reading, repainting and decorating bedrooms, hopefully some outdoor ‘spring on the farm’ related stuff, and homeschool activities for the younger kids.”

– Jennifer Kroll

“My hardworking son is working and I’m relaxing with my hubby (married 28 years). No real plans because we’re not crazy!”

– Melanie Montgomery Wilson

“We are being very cautious about washing our hands, taking drives with no contact with anyone, spring cleaning, and will follow the rules that our governor has issued.”

– Gail Ferguson

Dawn Sommers takes her dog Gizmo for a walk.

“My family has been doing this already. However, this is definitely needed as there are many who have not been following the CDC and governor’s recommendation thus far.”

– Melissa Eubanks

“We do morning coffees and drinks with family and friends on Zoom.”

– Terri Nallamothu

“Since I work from home and already try to walk to local places to shop, it doesn’t change much other than I don’t know what local places will be open and what they may have. This does tell us how unprepared we are for emergencies in that we don’t know what will be available on any given day or even an efficient way to find out.”

– Cory Johnston

“Nothing new here. Been practicing common sense for years before corona.”

– Brad Neideck

“We simply can’t ignore the facts surrounding this outbreak. It’s irresponsible to think it’s OK to be out and about during this crisis. Everyone needs to do their part.”

Gus Baldwin and Levi Baldwin build forts at home.

– Karen Ross

“We still hike around our lake but no travelling on weekends. Stay safe and be smart.”

– Dave Whitehead

“We’ve been staying at home for the past week. Making lots of forts to pass the time.”

– Anne Baldwin

“Staying in to keep Clarkston safe.”

– Sheila Goins Hughes

— Matt Mackinder


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