PHIL IN THE BLANK: Who can handle the truth?

Nick Sioma was supposed to be a fairly straight-forward story for the holidays, a man helping out his neighbors by alerting authorities their house was on fire (Activist looks at dark side of 5G promise,” page 20). Something for the Public Safety page, a bit of kudos for a job well done.
I would hope someone had my back if I was away and something happened to my home.
Nick had other ideas, however, starting with the growing 5G network sprouting all over town. Should I disregard them in order to focus on the matter at hand?
Naw, it’s a bit of an old story, and 5G is current. And he linked them, with his insomnia connected to the flashing lights and electronic pulses of his home Wi-Fi.
He has scientists backing him up, with many calling for caution until the effects of all these radio and microwaves from towers in our neighborhoods and from all these devices we carry in our pockets and purses are studied more.
His concerns go farther, though, into global corporate conspiracies to control the population. A budding dystopia that would be familiar to authors like Philip K. Dick, Sioma said.
This is a good year for that.
The late sci-fi writer picked the year 2019 for “Blade Runner,” with its corporations covering up for all the shenanigans their replicants get into.
This year was also picked by Steven King for “Running Man,” where corporations keep the people entertained with modern gladiator games to the death.
Also, television’ s “Dark Angel” from the ‘90s is set in 2019. The industrial-military complex controls things in that one, too. I remember the drones flying around in the background in the show, something that will soon be here, probably.
And “Daybreakers,” from 2009, also set in 2019. Corporate vampires, literal blood-suckers, are the one controlling everything in that story.
All these tales have a truth-seeker or -teller as their heroes, Harrison, Arnold, Jessica, and Ethan taking on the powers that be. Nick looks to take on that role in the real 2019, posting the first of hopefully many videos on Youtube under the name “Nobody Special.”
I wish him luck. His watchfulness already helped keep a neighbor’s home from burning down. Maybe it can help us keep the world from doing that, too.

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