PHIL IN THE BLANK: Caution called for on roads

I hope the pedestrian hit by a vehicle on Main Street last Friday recovers quickly.
I run and walk around town a lot so I appreciate everyone’s calls for more caution on the part of both drivers and pedestrians downtown.
I still remember being hit by a white minivan while out for a run a couple years ago. It was a low-speed impact in the driveway from a parking lot on Waldon Road, but too fast for me to get out of the way in time.
The driver was looking left when I was approaching from his right,and seemed quite surprised to see someone sprawled out on his vehicle’s hood. His passenger was yelling at him when I trotted away.
I don’t cross in front of vehicles anymore at curb cuts like that. I’ll run around behind them.
And I try to keep a light touch on the gas pedal when driving through downtown, especially at the intersections.
Responding to my story in last week’s paper about the city’s parking plans, Cory Johnston suggested a contest to name the parking kiosk robot.
Cory suggested “JS,” Wendi Reardon Price offered “PK,” for “Parking Kiosk,” and Joseph Szewczyk, “CJ.”
Mayor Steven Percival suggested “DPDACP,” for “Differed Parking District Alternative Collection Plate.”
Don Rush came up with “HAL,” and “CASH,” for “Cars Are Stuck Here.”
Deb Ragatz-Percival suggested “PEP,” for “Park Eat Pay.”
Steven responded with “PMS” for “Parking Meter System”; Don with “PEE,” for “Park Eat Exit”; and Kay Pearson, “PPEE,” for “Park, Pay, Eat, and Enjoy.”
My contribution was “Driver Assisted Lot Enforcement Kiosk,” or “DALEK”, because of its tall, slender shape, bulbous head, and its insatiable desire to exterminate parking problems.
“Maybe a blue police call box for a new Little Free Library,” Cory responded.
“Can we duct tape a plunger to it,” Robyn Johnston wanted to know.

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