Singer finds spiritual awakening in music tour


Clarkston News Editor

Chris Tomlin’s Worship Night in America Tour comes to DTE Energy Music Theatre, Thursday, May 10, with special guests Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture, Matt Maher, Pat Barrett, Tauren Wells, and Christine D’Clario.

“We’re all very different and diverse,” D’Clario said in a phone interview

Christine D’Clario

. “It’s awesome to see. When I’m singing a song in Spanish and everyone else is singing in English, our spirit reacts, everybody gets engaged. It’s a little taste, a little foreshadow of heaven.”

The singer’s music reflects her spiritual life, with a mission of helping others understand through worship they are children of God.

“I do find my refuge in God from all the things I had to live through from an early age, being orphaned by my father due to alcoholism, being sexually molested as a kid,  uprooted at an early age to come live in New York,” she said. “Having to live through lots of traumatic situations at an early age and not knowing how to deal with them growing up shoved me headfirst into rebellion when I grew up.”

She was almost 19 years old when her life came to a turning point.

“When you’re very, very immersed in pain, you tend to act out of character, you tend to lash out. That’s the way I was with God, it was all out of pain,” she said.

“One night at the end of my rope, I gave him an ultimatum – if you exist, if you have any sort of plan for me, you have until midnight to show me,” she said. “And that night before midnight a very strange lady came up to me and started speaking to me on behalf of the Lord and answering every single one of my remarks from earlier in the day. Everything was so accurate. I never experienced that kind of power before.”

Fourteen years later, she’s happy to join others in God’s praise.

“To be able to touch other people’s hearts even though mine is still very imperfect is a privilege,” she said. “I find in every night of worship on this tour, there is some sort of an awakening happening. We’re not in it because of one person or the next. We’re in it because of the audience of one, which is Jesus, which is pretty cool to watch. It’s an experience you’re going to have just as much a part of, as what’s on the platform.”

Tickets for the Worship Night In America Tour can be purchased via or by calling 800-745-3000.