Taste of Clarkston hitting 25 years

Taste of Clarkston hitting 25 years

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

CLARKSTON — It’s time to chow down, Clarkston.
Coming up on Oct. 1, from noon to 6 p.m., Main Street in downtown Clarkston will be home to the 25th Annual Taste of Clarkston event, a day where local restaurants set up shop in the street to showcase their respective menus to hungry customers.
“Our annual Taste of Clarkston event is a vibrant celebration that allures the senses and fosters a strong sense of community,” said Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kendal Petzold. “This culinary gathering, held in our charming and historic town of Clarkston, showcases the region’s rich tapestry of flavors, inviting our attendees to embark on a journey of taste exploration while enjoying a day filled with entertainment and camaraderie.”
The day will also be about more than just the tasty food.
“Taste of Clarkston will include live music to enjoy, a stilt walker to dazzle you, a bounce house for the kids, and more,” said Kate Masters, who works in membership engagement and as the chamber’s program manager. “Plus, our local vendors will be showcasing unique goodies to explore between bites. This year’s Taste of Clarkston is extra special as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this historic and beloved event.”
“Imagine a street overflowing with delectable aromas, where the enticing melodies of sizzling grills, simmering sauces, and laughter merge into a symphony of foodie delight,” added Petzold. “Beyond its culinary delights, Taste of Clarkston also serves as a favored event with a strong sense of community bonding. As guests stroll through the bustling streets of Clarkston, they are greeted by the warm smiles of neighbors, friends, and local business owners. Families with children, couples, and groups of friends converge to enjoy the festivities, forging connections that extend far beyond the event’s duration.”
A staple in the Clarkston community, Taste of Clarkston is an event local residents cirlce on their calendars every year, and this year is no different.
“In a world where bustling lifestyles often lead to a disconnect among neighbors, events like the Taste of Clarkston serve as reminders of the importance of community bonds and shared experiences,” Masters said. “As attendees savor delectable bites, exchange stories, and immerse themselves in the festivities, they create lasting memories that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Clarkston’s history. Mark your calendars, gather your foodie friends, and prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable event. Taste of Clarkston is the place to be on Oct. 1.”

PHOTO: Taste of Clarkston is a staple in the local community. File photo: Matt Mackinder

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