Violent video games

Dear Editor,
It was disconcerting to see The Clarkston News would print the letter, “Violent games don’t cause violence, reader says” (Aug. 14).
That statement is misleading; numerous studies have proven without a doubt that both violent video games and violent movies which promote murder, seriously dehumanize the killing of other human beings.
That dehumanization then makes killing seem to be a sport, a non event, without remorse, without accountability and there is nothing more violent then killing another human being.
Also, the anecdotes and analogies noted in that letter were ludicrous and demeaning to anyone ever in or associated with the mental health field.
It is just not video games and movies but medications that can promote violence.
One only has to look at the stated side effects of any medication but particularly those of anti-depressants. Serious side effects are claimed as being rare but with millions and millions of doses taken daily, they become significant, both suicidal and extreme hostility and are far more pronounced in young people who already are obsessed with violent video games.
With Regards,
John Benedict
Independence Township