Waldon Road paving project to start in 2021

Clarkston News Staff Writer

Waldon Road between Clintonville and Baldwin roads qualifies to be converted from gravel to asphalt under a federal aid program.
“We’ve waited for seven years for some sort of a decision by these guys,” said Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle. “We were notified this does qualify and that in 2022, that road will be moved from gravel to asphalt. They want to start in 2021.”
The road connects Independence and Orion townships. Costs will be split between Road Commission for Oakland County, and Orion and Independence townships based on percentage used.
According to linear footage, RCOC will pay 50 percent, Orion will pay 22 percent, and Independence, 28 percent. Engineering work has a cost of around $550,000. The RCOC will pay $275,000, Orion will pay $121,000, and Independence will pay $154,000, which the board of trustees approved at the March 17 meeting. If preliminary engineering exceeds $550,000, the overage will be shared using the same percentages, Kittle said.
“This is kind of a tricky roadway because it runs through a swamp, and there are sections that are sinking,” he said. “So they’ll find out the true cost of this as we move forward.”
The construction will be completed in 2022. Costs are estimated at $5.5 million. The federal aid fund will cover 80 percent, $4.4 million. The balance will also be shared using the same percentages.
“Obviously, there’ll be an additional move seeking approvals for this portion of the project once these costs are firmed up, and the township has earmarked them,” said Kittle.
Major roads to be repaired in 2020 include Clintonville, Waldon and Sashabaw; Clarkston Road in 2021; and Maybee Road in 2022.


During recent road work on Sashabaw Road, a 16-inch gate valve was found to be needed on a water main just south of Moody rive. Also found were a crack on a 16-inch water main on Sashabaw, new tap required, and a change in the pipe material, added $57,417.08 to the project. The board of trustees unanimously approved the payment to Dan’s Excavating of Shelby Township.
“All of these instances were brought to my attention throughout the course of the construction period,” said Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle. “What we’re trying to do in an effort of transparency is to make sure the board knows what we did, why we did it, and that the funds are available to cover this.”

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