WENDI’S WORD: New beginnings

The torn up wrapping paper is put away. The new toys are scattered throughout the house and a new year is here with the brightness of new beginnings and new resolutions to go with it.
I don’t have new goals, just to continue on working on the goals I already have with each week evaluating how I can do better at achieving those goals. Because, let’s be honest, I really didn’t hit a lot of goals for 2018.
The beginning of the year, I lost weight. Then, I gained it back. On the plus side, because you must at least look on the sunny side, I did not gain as much weight during my second pregnancy as I did my first. The second time around was the same as the first in terms of cravings as I didn’t have crazy ones. Mostly cereal and popsicles.
Though after the pregnancy I really wanted Vernors and the hospital didn’t carry the brand. But our day nurse mixed a perfect blend of juice and ginger ale to drink – the Kathi T special. It haunts my taste buds.
I participated in a scrapbook challenge and conquered the yearly and quarterly goals. My goal was 50 pages for the year and I scrapbooked 130 pages. Of the pages, I started and finished our wedding album which was a huge accomplishment – there were a lot of pictures once I started laying them out.
I started Jonathan’s album and scrapbooked the first four months of his life. Only 32 months of photos to go and I will be caught up.
I did learn something from working on Jonathan’s album – stick to big events. I have a lot of random photos. Ah, the digital age. I have a goal as I work on each month photos – only two pages dedicated to cell phone pictures, which narrows down 300-plus pictures from one month to about ten.
As I get into his second year, again major events. There will be fewer monthly growth pages as I did photograph 1-month, 2-month, and so on for his first year.
Goals I didn’t even get close to – reading one book a month, but i did help Jonathan to 300 books for 1,000 books before Kindergarten. I didn’t edit at least 5-10 pages a week along with finishing my 2010 National Novel Writing Month project.
Here’s to old goals, a new year and a nap as both boys are sleeping.

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