What ‘Matt’ers: Walmart for the win

Trips to Walmart are usually an adventure for any number of reasons – there’s a reason why the term “Walmartians” is out there, after all.
This past Sunday, a simple trip to the store turned into a trip down memory lane and a renewed faith in humanity.
First, we walked in and went to the area by the pharmacy. Immediately, I noticed a familiar face coming my way.
It was an old friend, Steve, who I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years. We worked together at an Arbor Drugs (now CVS for you youngsters out there) back in the day in Ferndale and quickly became great buds through our mutual love of hockey.
For not seeing someone in so long, talking to Steve and introducing him to Ethan and Wyatt was as if there hadn’t been that huge gap in time.
Of course, we talked hockey and were both optimistic about how the Red Wings will do this coming season.
I also brought up how Steve became famous the night the Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997.
During the celebration, a crowd shot is shown and a 20-something with a fantastic mullet has a sign that reads “Now I can die in peace.”
Yeah, that was Steve. He no longer has the glorious mullet, sadly.
After 10-15 minutes, we went our separate ways with a plan to get together at some point and have the families meet.
Oh, but the fun doesn’t end there. Not by a longshot.
As we were checking out, a woman in front of us noted all the snacks on the belt and said, “Boy, I want to go to wherever you’re going.” I told her the boys were off to band camp and the food was for them. She said that was awesome and hoped they would have a good time.
When we were walking to the car, one of the woman’s daughters ran out and handed Ethan a $20 bill, saying it was for band camp and from her mom. We were stunned.
You know, there really are kind-hearted people in the world still.
Ethan and Wyatt went back inside to thank the woman with hopes of giving the money back, but she insisted they keep it and to enjoy band camp.
Wow, Just, wow.
And to think we planned on having a simple, easy-going Sunday…
— Matt Mackinder

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