Public Notice: Independence Township Board of Trustees Minutes, Sept. 29, 2020

SYNOPSIS TAKEN BY THE TOWNSHIP BOARD THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF INDEPENDENCE September 29, 2020 A. A virtual Regular/Budget Meeting of the Charter Township of Independence Board was called to order at 6:01 p.m. B. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. C. ROLL CALL: Present: Kittle, Neubeck, Loughrin, Aliaga, Nallamothu, Ritchie Absent: Brown Also Present: David […]

Adjusting to middle school

One of the highlights of every Everest middle schooler’s year is the middle school integration. Held early in the school year, this trip ordinarily takes middle schoolers to a camp for an overnight. At the camp, students participate in team building activities and fun. With current COVID-19 restrictions, the activity had to be adapted, but […]

Letter to the Editor: Scrutinizing Whitmer

Dear Editor, I found the Detroit News story on the Governor’s plan to provide free tuition to frontline workers to be very interesting. According to the information, 625,000 workers are eligible and 60,000 have already applied. The only funding mentioned is $24 million. Even if only the 60,000 are approved for this funding, the available amount is […]

Letter to the Editor: Does the city understand how to manage its finances?

Dear Editor, (These comments are in response to the September 28, 2020 Clarkston City Council meeting.) How SAD dependent are the City’s finances? The need of additional citizen financial contributions has increased with Council’s decisions to continue to make capital project expenses.  The City Manager presented a constrained budget in the 2020-21 budget approval process on […]

What ‘MATT’ers: Double digits x 3

This past Sunday was our daughter Maddie’s 10th birthday. In August, our son Ethan turned 15, and then in September, our son Wyatt turned 13. Yep. All three kids in double digits and two teenagers with a girl who is 10 going on 25. Makes for some mighty fun times in our house these days, […]

Clarifying how to vote early for Nov. 3 election

With the November 3 U.S. Election now less than a month away, the term “early voting” has become prominent in recent days. What exactly does that term mean? “There has been much confusion over the term ‘early voting’ this election season as we have seen an increase in questions from area residents,” said Independence Township […]