Letter to the Editor: Questioning letter regarding Capitol riot

Dear Editor,

I am writing regarding “An Open Letter to Rep. Schroeder on U.S. Capitol Events of Jan. 6,” published in the January 13, 2021 issue of The Clarkston News.
In that letter, Ms. Cord-Duthinh stated, “The Maddocks organized busloads of Michiganders to travel to Washington to riot and attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.”
By that, she is stating that it was Maddocks’s intent to go to Washington DC to riot.
Did Ms. Cord-Duthinh provide proof of that intent? Or did you independently verify it? If not, you should move this letter to your opinion section.
I don’t know the Maddocks and had not heard of them before reading this letter. I abhor the riots and if they took part in the riots, they should be held accountable accordingly. But I think we need to be careful before making such a strong accusation as Ms. Cord-Duthinh has without evidence.
Our politicians have long practiced mudslinging across the aisle, but now that finger-pointing is prevalent throughout our society, especially in an attempt to cancel people with competing ideas.
Ms. Cord-Duthinh’s letter appears to have been written for that purpose.
Perhaps, Ms. Cord-Duthinh could have instead invited the Maddocks to an exchange of ideas and work together to improve society.

Jeffrey Schmidt

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