Paddle boat on the lake

Local inventor, author, and artist Carl Knaus has a new creation soon to be cruising Lake Van Norman in Independence Township, The Tara Princess, a pontoon boat converted in the style of a Mississippi River paddle boat. “I wanted to introduce something new,” Knaus said. Rebuilt from a 25-foot pontoon boat, the Princess is 32 […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Make choice to live in God

My friend, Sister Anne, used to work in a children’s home where she helped to teach and guide the children. She’s retired now. She lived in an upstairs apartment that was in the town near where she worked. One day, after she came home from her work and had prepared her evening meal, she spotted […]

Investor interested in giving back to community

Recently I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the article you published about me last year (“Investor grabs bit of change with Bitcoin,” Sept. 27). In it, I made a promise to give back to the community but I never really specified how I was planning on doing that. Honestly, at the time I […]

Return visit for exchange student

Return visit for exchange student

BY PHIL CUSTODIO Clarkston News Editor Paruttana Oncharoen, “Toey,” of Bangkok, Thailand, headed to Clarkston for her summer vacation. “I dreamt about coming back and visiting lots of times – I can’t believe it’s happening,” said Oncharoen, a former exchange student at Clarkston High School. “I missed all this, all the people here.” “It’s not […]

Family raising funds for marrow transplant

Danielle Ballard of Clarkston is the main caregiver for her young brothers and sister, but after two cancer diagnoses, she is in need of assistance. She’s been approved for a bone marrow and stem cell transplant, so she is raising money through to cover the costs of the procedure. The Ballard siblings are a […]

Depot Park alive with music

Depot Park alive with music

Music Man Dave performs for the kids in Depot Park. Photo by Serena Stauffer Clarkston Cultural Arts and Clarkston Conservatory of Music’s Kindermusik are hosting Harmony in the Park in Depot Park. The free summer concert series features the Children’s Theatre of Michigan on Wednesday, Aug. 9; and The Candy Bandits on Wednesday, Aug. 23. […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Turn to God to beat anxiety

A motivational speaker on stress management illustrated a point by raising a large cup and asking: “How heavy is this glass of water?” The audience called out answers ranging from 1/2 to 5 pounds. The speaker replied, “I don’t really know the precise weight, but in this case it is not the weight that really […]

Writer tells story of faith, hope, and horses

BY PHIL CUSTODIO Clarkston News Editor As a news story, a missing Chincoteague pony named Dreamer’s Faith gained national attention for a month in 2015. For Anna Beer of Clarkston, it was a turning point in her faith. “God uses different things for different people. For me, it was horses,” said Beer, 17, a rising […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: Vandals near and far

Two suspects are under investigation in last week’s vandalism case out by birdland off Maybee Road. They’re juveniles, which was considered most likely amongst commenters on our social media. Vandals spraypainted crudely rendered, light-blue Nazi symbols over everything, as well as other things like a peace symbol, which would be nice if it weren’t on […]

Shinedown seeks ‘Attention’ at DTE

BY SERENA STAUFFER Clarkston News Intern Writer Multi-platinum rock band Shinedown is asking for your consideration once more, with the release of their latest album “Attention Attention.” “I just think it’s undeniably Shinedown; it’s the most Shinedown record we’ve ever made as far as what we are and what we represent,” said guitarist Zach Myers, […]