Letter to the Editor: Garden Walk thanks

Dear Clarkston Community,The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club would like to thank the community members who came and enjoyed the Clarkston Garden Walk on July 19.Our special thanks to the generous gardeners who opened their gardens for people to enjoy. Thank you to Garry and Elizabeth Rogers, Cathy and Mike Mooney, Baiba and Gunar Ejups, […]

Letter to the Editor: Traffic reminder

This is a friendly reminder for those of you who are traveling westbound on Clarkston Road, turning left (south) at Main Street.The pedestrian or cyclist that is waiting to cross Main Street has the right-of-way. I am an avid walker and cyclist in the Clarkston area and that seems to be something that the drivers […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Optimists

In the last week of school, Clarkston High School’s Kids Care Club distributed summer activity buckets to several preschool classes throughout the district through the support of the Clarkston Area Optimist Club. These buckets were full of fun and engaging activities like hula hoops, chalk, bouncy balls, and coloring sheets. Providing these activities is essential […]

Letter to the Editor: Lawsuit follow-up

“City FOIA lawsuit settled for $8,974” in the July 12 Clarkston News leaves out important aspects of the lawsuit. The lawsuit sought to unearth records about the city’s crusade to put the Millpond Inn Bed & Breakfast out of business. The city quietly settled it without telling the public the details. Here is what we […]

Letter to the Editor: Parade recognition

Letter to the Editor: Parade recognition

I’ve recently been researching the history of the Clarkston Fourth of July parade with the help of David Silberman at the Clarkston Independence District Library. In 1942, during World War II, the parade was for children in costume who walked down Main Street, passed a reviewing stand and ended, “… between the bank building (now […]

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for freedoms

I love the freedoms we have in America, in particular our free enterprise system. We can start a business on Main Street, USA. We are free to make and sell a product that attracts different kinds of customers like Nancy & Daisy. We can have vivid and colorful marketing with competitive pricing. We can know […]

Letter to the Editor: Roadwork inquiries

A two-lane bridge on an interstate highway totally collapsed and was replaced with vehicles flowing smoothly in two weeks. Work has been in process on the Holcomb Road bridge for six weeks or more. I take the Allen Road detour two or three times a day. On many days, no workers are seen working or […]

Letter to the Editor: Last class reunion

The 70th Clarkston High School class reunion was disappointing, but understandable. Parker’s Hilltop Brewery was gracious in reserving space for June 17 without a deposit. Only one former classmate besides yours truly was present. Arzela Kelly (Brewer) came from Chico, Calif., accompanied by her son, Kent. Many classmates had passed on to their heavenly home […]

Letter to the Editor: Farm accoclades

Letter to the Editor: Farm accoclades

We moved from the City of the Village of Clarkston to the Village of Lake Orion about two years ago. I was recently reminded of my many letters to the editor in the Clarkston News, a tradition I am occasionally continuing with the Lake Orion Review. Letters to the local newspaper are truly a community […]

Letter to the Editor: Not a fan of 4-day week

Independence Township residents have been duped by an outrageous manipulation – how the four-day work week came to be. Here is what went down. There was a great lead-up to the idea with employee surveys and reports of how favorable township employees viewed a three-day weekend. No surprise there. Overwhelming approval. No survey of the […]