Letter to the Editor: CCS not taking the proper actions

To the CCS School District, My children went to school in the district years ago, and I am writing you to let you know how disappointed I am in your recent responses to current events. Please let me explain. Three weeks ago, there was a deadly terrorist attack in Washington D.C., and Clarkston Community Schools […]

Letter to the Editor: Local senior citizen seeks vaccine

Dear Editor, Why are all the “advertised” ways to receive or register for the vaccine not working? The State of Michigan website did not accept my application when properly filled out. Oakland County did accept my application but there doesn’t seem to be any vaccine available. This morning (Jan. 22), I saw an ad on TV […]

Letter to the Editor: Questioning letter regarding Capitol riot

Dear Editor, I am writing regarding “An Open Letter to Rep. Schroeder on U.S. Capitol Events of Jan. 6,” published in the January 13, 2021 issue of The Clarkston News. In that letter, Ms. Cord-Duthinh stated, “The Maddocks organized busloads of Michiganders to travel to Washington to riot and attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition […]

Letter to the Editor: Reader against online sports betting

Dear Editor, Recently, my TV and radio has been flooded with sport betting commercials by numerous vendors promoting online and casino sports betting with such ferocious intensity it left me wondering where all of this started, and why? Upon further examination, you’ll find the Republican state legislature is to blame for introducing and then passing a […]

An open letter to Rep. Schroeder on U.S. Capitol events of Jan. 6

Dear Representative Schroeder, Thank you for your statement (January 6) that “Breaking and entering are illegal. And breaking and entering into OUR nation’s Capitol Building is unacceptable. The violent protesters who breached the capitol in Washington DC are un-American and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” I completely agree and support […]

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for CAYA recognition

Dear Editor, The Clarkston News most generously provides space for Letters to the Editor that range from individuals expressing opinions to letters from nonprofit organizations thanking community supporters. This Letter to the Editor is a thank you note to The Clarkston News. This year, the Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) traditional Youth Recognition Ceremony and […]

Letter to the Editor: Continued city council concerns

Dear Editor, In the June 22, 2020 Clarkston City Council meeting public comments, I communicated my concern that based on the current year’s budget there would likely be no parking fund balance and the fund balance would be near the minimum, essentially preventing capital expenses for the budget in 2021-22.  These two sources provided $244,000 […]