Letter to the Editor: Is Main Street a dangerous road?

Dear Editor, Yes. 30 mph is too fast for ALL motorized vehicles for several reasons: 1. The intersection of M-15 and Miller has a very short, almost shared left turn lane with M15 and Clarkston Rd. Very tricky spot when busy; lots of ‘close calls’ and accidents there. 2. Main street through town has beautiful, […]

Letter to the Editor: Main Street traffic statistics

Dear Editor, Daily risk of “crash“ non fatal, no injury .002739727 Monthly risk 0.0273972603 Yearly risk is 0.3333333333 Crash, in English means “ to go to pieces with violence and noise “ It also means a place to sleep. Sofa or bed. The word crash may be a little exaggeration, other than the one occurrence […]

Letter to the Editor: Traffic calming

Dear Editor, The issue of traffic calming has been around for as long as I can remember. I have heard that the establishment of a historic district in the 70’s and becoming a city in 1992 was at least in part to control what happens on Main Street. When I ran for city council in […]

Letter to the Editor: Discussing Andy Meisner’s huge snafu

Dear Editor, Reading the retort of Andy Meisner’s comments about L.Brooks Patterson by Mary Patterson Warner, I must question Mr. Meisner’s logic and humanity… Anyone with any sense that heard or read Meisner’s comments about Brooks and still plans to vote for Meisner might want to reconsider. Let’s start out with the fact that Brooks […]

Letter to the Editor: Confidently voting for Moreau

Dear Editor, To our Springfield Township neighbors: We have known Laura Moreau for several years through community action groups and Dave’s role as Springfield Township Trustee and Planning Commissioner. We can confidently recommend her for the position of Springfield Township Supervisor. Laura excels at identifying opportunities, analyzing issues and taking the lead to implement changes. […]

Letter to the Editor: Main Street traffic is a major problem

Dear Editor, Traffic on Main Street may be problematic, but it is not clear that four truck accidents in three years represents an inordinate crash rate, or supports a conclusion that large trucks are the primary problem. An underlying concern seems to be Main Street resident displeasure with traffic congestion and noise. Some frustrated consumers […]