Guest Viewpoint: CCS needs more race education as part of curriculum

Dear Principal Kaul and Clarkston Community Schools, We are a group of current Clarkston High School students, alumni, parents of students, and other members of the Clarkston community writing to you with a humble request to insert additional Black perspectives into the English, History, and Government curricula at Clarkston High School for the 2020-21 academic […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking to re-connect — please help!

Dear Editor, As with many others, I was inconvenienced by the COVID pandemic. I had traveled 1,469 miles all the way from Rawlins, Wyoming to have a book signing at the Clarkston Independence District Library and teach some writing techniques to a couple of fourth grade students. Just before my arrival in my previous hometown, […]

Letter to the Editor: Questioning local government

Dear Editor, Having watched the city and the city attorney vigorously defend their refusal to comply with the FOIA request, one begins to wonder. Why? Is there something in that correspondence that would be extremely damning to both the city and the attorney? Why else would they go through this much trouble, time and expense? […]

Letter to the Editor: What is city government hiding?

Dear Editor, I am reading the headline page from the Wednesday, August 12th edition, “Residents questioning village government.” As I read, I understand there is a matter of an FOIA issue ongoing. From reading the article, it begs the question of not why records are sometimes kept offsite, but why is the village fighting so […]

Letter to the Editor: Rotary club still hard at work

Dear Editor, For obvious reasons, we at the Clarkston Rotary Club won’t be able to hold our fall wine party this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still working hard. We want to be sure we are supporting the restaurants that have been so generous to us by providing the fabulous food for our […]

Letter to the Editor: Addressing M-15 problems

Dear Editor, The anonymous letter “When does the M-15 madness end?” (Clarkston News, August 12, 2020) from the nameless “Clarkston Reader” was interesting, and raised some potentially thought-provoking provoking points, albeit weakened by the presentation and lack of context. It engendered tearful memories of all the Main Street Clarkston homeowners, enriched by their privileged locations, […]

Letter to the Editor: When does the M-15 madness end?

Letter to the Editor: When does the M-15 madness end?

Dear Editor, I have been a resident of Clarkston for nearly 40 years. I am an avid reader of The Clarkston News along with many other local papers. I frequently see complaints regarding the traffic in downtown Clarkston with complaints about the speed limit. I truly just do not comprehend the misdirected worry about public […]

Letter to the Editor: Our governor is a bigot

Dear Editor, If you need a definition of racist look to Michigan’s governor as personification. She has accused the state’s population of having vile character based solely on the color of their skin. There ought to be a law against this kind of bigotry! The governor is entitled to her opinion, but not mine. Sincerely, […]