Opinion: Parents seeking respect, questioning CCS curriculum

Dear Editor, On September 10, 2021, Clarkston Community Schools Superintendent, Dr. Shawn Ryan, sent an email to every parent in our district. In that letter, he claimed several things.  Among them were these items: — There have been “persistent attempts by some in our community to undermine our educational system.” — “…these individuals seem to […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarkston – Bringing people together

Dear Editor, I want to thank the editor of The Clarkston News for allowing me to share these thoughts with you about bringing people together in Clarkston. Especially in an election year, some things surface which seem to divide us. But I’m an optimist. I think things which divide are often misunderstandings which can be […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarkston resident taking issue with city finances, mayoral decisions

Dear Editor,  Tom Stone’s succinct letter (Clarkston News, September 22, 2021) asks, “What’s happening in the Village?” All ten of Tom’s “why” questions point to a lack of council leadership. Most of Tom’s “why” questions have been asked in the public comments portion of council meetings. Mayor Eric Haven will not answer directly and responds, “We are […]

Letter to the Editor: The Village needs a major change, and it starts with new council voices

Dear Editor, To put it simply, the entire elected and appointed city government of the Village of Clarkston needs to be replaced. The ongoing violation of law, charter, ordinance, and resolution must stop including the unapproved spending and misplaced priorities. The ongoing violations have now become so blatant that the council members refuse to answer […]

Letter to the Editor: Giving thanks for Art in the Village

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Community Historical Society Board of Directors thanks everyone for another successful Art in the Village. Our 49th show included a new area of vintage pop-up shops and antiques, as well as a food court and local farm produce. The weather was perfect, and many of our dealers had to restock on […]

Supporting new state budget plan

After agreeing on record-high support for K-12 schools earlier this summer, the Michigan Legislature last week finalized the rest of a state budget plan for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, state Rep. Andrea Schroeder said. The plan funds key priorities including child care, workforce development, infrastructure and mental health – while also making state […]

Letter to the Editor: What is happening in the Village?

Dear Editor, Why are people moving out of Clarkston? Is it for personal reasons? Or is it because of what is happening (or not happening) with city government? Why hasn’t there been continuing repair of the sidewalks and planting of trees? Why aren’t appointments and elections to city offices being handled appropriately? Why are recordings […]