Letter to the Editor: Not a fan of Rep. Slotkin

Dear Editor, Our representative, Elisa Slotkin, along with six other Michigan federal representatives, voted in favor of the H.R. 1 “For the People Act.” With this, Representative Slotkin is taking away power from us in Michigan to determine how to run our elections. This indicates that Representative Slotkin does not think the people of Michigan […]

Letter to the Editor: The fight to stay the same

Dear Editor, I have been involved in the planning of Independence Township for 17 years. I moved here in 1996 and immediately declared this was where we were going to raise our family. It was one of the last quaint small towns in North Oakland County. As the other communities south of here started going […]

Letter to the Editor: Putting political parties aside

Dear Editor, Sometimes, I feel the behavior of our legislators in Washington and in Lansing are such that we would be better off completely removing the word “bi-partisan” from our vocabulary. There are, however, glimmers of encouragement in the behavior of some of our legislators that a “bi-partisan” approach to representing all of the people […]

Letter to the Editor: More thoughts on trash haulers

Dear Editor, This is a response to the Feb. 17 letter “Saying no to single trash hauler,” to supplement what Mr. Stoner covered in his letter. First, I spent 40 years working for a large national transportation company taking business from small companies and eliminating competition. Second, Advanced and Waste Management are not local companies. […]

Letter to the Editor: Grieving process made easier

Dear Editor, This past January, we suffered a devastating loss through the sudden death of a beloved family member. Important decisions needed to be made quickly and we entrusted Wint’s Funeral Home in Clarkston to help us navigate through the haze. A gracious Bryan greeted us at the door and went over the details with […]

Letter to the Editor: Gratitude for Clarkston schools staff

Dear Editor, We want to give a big thank you to Wes Goodman and his staff at the Clarkston Schools Facilities Department! I contacted Wes by email about the problem the unplowed sidewalk on East Church Street caused students and residents trying to walk down the street. Within minutes, he responded to me acknowledging the issue […]

Letter to the Editor: Saying no to single trash hauler

Dear Editor, (This is an open letter to Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle.) I have been a resident property owner in Independence Township for 41 years, and I am writing to you about your push to have a single trash hauling company for the township. First, let me address the reason you provided to explain […]

Letter to the Editor: Resident wrong to chastise Clarkston schools

Dear Editor, In her recent letter to the editor (“CCS not taking the proper actions,” January 27, 2021, Clarkston News), Melissa Sanders chastises the leadership of Clarkston Community Schools for what she views as its failure to speak out against the early January assault against the U.S. Capitol. Ms. Sanders cites the absence of outrage […]