Letter to the Editor: Village should look to have more positivity

Dear Editor, In reply to the letter submitted recently by Cory Johnston (Clarkston News, October 6, 2021, “The Village needs a major change, and it starts with new council voice”), it’s amazing that the City of the Village of Clarkston is still standing. With claims like his, you’d expect Armageddon. As usual, Mr. Johnston offers […]

Letter to the Editor: Board needs to stop all the nonsense

Dear Editor, The Independence Township Board’s failure to appoint a replacement to fill the now-vacant supervisor position is a clear indicator a broader net should be cast and the deadline for the acceptance of additional applicants should be extended. A vote for just that failed 3-3 at the special meeting of the board on September […]

Letter to the Editor: City should be resolving financials

Dear Editor, Mayor Eric Haven’s recent communications emphasize what is important in Clarkston: authenticity, charm, our brand and things historical. Unfortunately, these are the very things at risk due to council not acting to resolve the critical issue of city finances. I hear no one, I emphasize, no one, expressing feelings antagonistic to authenticity, charm, […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarkston’s history is a very big deal

Dear Editor, We live in the smallest city in Michigan, one-half square mile, and arguably one of the most beautiful. Clarkston is a 19th century mill village. Many of our historic structures are still here from that era, intact and sitting where they were originally constructed.  Since the 1980s, Clarkston has been recognized on the […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarkston parents group creating ignorance

Dear Editor, Last week’s published letter from Clarkston Parents United (“Opinion: Parents seeking respect, questioning CCS curriculum“) represents another Trojan horse effort by the organization to undermine the local school district’s initiative to provide students with the critical thinking skills so necessary to ensure their success in an increasingly competitive and diverse global economy. CPU […]

Letter to the Editor: Questioning one local leader’s border crisis silence

Dear Editor, Michigan District 8 Representative Elissa Slotkin’s silence on our broken border is deafening. You would think a sitting member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, like Slotkin, might have something profound to say about the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated, illegal aliens who have surged to the border seeking asylum, just as […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarkston is changing, but its future is now in our hands

Dear Editor, Destination – Village of Clarkston, where there is a pharmacy, hardware store, post office, food market, shoe store/repair, bookstore, gas station, bank, flower shop, beauty shop, yarn shop, antique shop, jeweler, music conservatory, travel agency, doctor’s office, two newspapers, restaurant, local police, AND MORE. Wait, this is not the village of today – […]

Letter to the Editor: Defending the city’s Historic District Commission

Dear Editor, Peg Roth’s recent letter to The Clarkston News (“Has Clarkston’s Historic District Commission gone way too far this time?” October 6, 2021) made broad-based, sweeping accusations without giving details or facts. The writer took umbridge with Historic District Commission stating the commission disrespects residents if they do not agree with their opinion. I […]