Planner calls for public input on signs

By Sam Moraco I have been on the Planning commission for almost two decades. I have tried hard to keep Independence Township a bedroom community while working with other commissioners to get the township the best development deals possible. A goal is to keep an even balance under the premise Independence Township should encourage businesses […]

Reader calls for paramedics millage paid for

Dear Editor, Recently, I had a medical emergency which required a visit from the Independence Township EMS. They arrived within five minutes, assessed my case, inserted an IV with a drip bag, and transported me to the St. Joe’s level two trauma center. I was very fortunate, not only because I recovered, but because I […]

Thanks to firefighter

Dear Editor, Recently a fire occurred in our home. The quick response by the Springfield Township Fire Department, medical team and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office was appreciated. JW, longtime Springfield Township resident

Dam operations

Dear Editor, The most recent article about the Mill Ponds and dam was very interesting and presents more questions (“Pond residents appeal to community for help,” Aug. 21). For example, the article indicates that Messrs. Ed Adler and Robert Roth own the dam. I was advised there are no records of dam openings and closures, […]

Violent video games

Dear Editor, It was disconcerting to see The Clarkston News would print the letter, “Violent games don’t cause violence, reader says” (Aug. 14). That statement is misleading; numerous studies have proven without a doubt that both violent video games and violent movies which promote murder, seriously dehumanize the killing of other human beings. That dehumanization […]

Thanks for help

Dear Editor, We would like to thank the Clarkston Community for their support of the 22nd annual Rush for Food that was held on Saturday, August 17. Every year at this time our Clarkston football players and cheerleaders enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community that faithfully supports them. The varsity and JV […]

County exec search

Dear Editor, Last Friday the Oakland County Commissioners Auditorium was filed with democrat bipartisanship, that is, “Agree with us or be bulldozed!” Previously resigned Commissioner David Woodward reinstated his chairmanship, and with 11 democrat votes, including his own, installed himself as Chairman. The main issue at hand was the appointment of a new county executive. […]

Violent games don’t cause violence, reader says

Dear Editor, Some people are blaming violent behavior on mental illness and/or video games. These statements are totally false, scientifically and logically. I am a retired counselor who has been monitoring the issue of the relationship between video games and violence for over 50 years, and the results of scientific data has changed very little. […]

Reader finds taxes fast, road work too slow

Dear Editor, The Independence township “road improvement” millage was presented to voters by township officials as the “solution” to fixing the township/county road problems that we were told were in desperate need of repair. If passed, we were told, the township and the RCOC would have the money to move forward to get prioritized township/county […]

Sign suggestions from Main Street resident

Dear Editor, Last week’s article “City considers classic sign style” got me thinking. Obviously, Clarkston’s sign committee has too much time on their hands and wasting taxpayers’ money on their minds. Before this boondoggle goes any further, they should consider some signs that would improve life for the village residents. How about these for a […]