Letter to the Editor: Questions about movie in town

Dear Editor,  I see from the clarkstonsunshine.com summary of the February 28, 2022 city council meeting that the council is salivating at the opportunity to allow a movie producer to use Clarkston as a backdrop for a movie about someone who didn’t live or work in Clarkston and had only a distant relationship with one […]

Letter to the Editor: Questioning the schools’ security

Dear Editor, I appreciate the school safety update from Superintendent Shawn Ryan in the March 9, 2022 Clarkston News (“CCS continuing with safety a No. 1 priority for staff, students”). Although this addressed safety during school hours, the schools should also address safety for other activities. Last Saturday we attended the Michigan School Band and […]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s keep Line 5 Pipeline open

Dear Editor, With a lot going on in the world, I wanted to write of the importance of not letting politicians close the Line 5 Pipeline. Governor Whitmer ordered Enbridge to close the 68-year-old line, revoking a 1953 state easement.  At least our neighbors in Canada are helping when they invoked a 1977 treaty with […]

Letter to the Editor: Why we need to support Ukraine

Dear Editor, With the most recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian dictator Putin, unfortunately, history is repeating itself. As a Ukrainian-American, I am appalled at how Putin is acting like another infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler. Before Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, he bullied and threatened his way into the occupation of the Rhineland (1936), […]

Viewpoint: Very excited to make new memories at Rudy’s

Viewpoint: Very excited to make new memories at Rudy’s

If the building we’ve known as Rudy’s Market could talk, what tales it would tell! It’s had varied uses and unique owners over the years. Built in 1915 using native stone, it first housed a Ford dealership and service center, owned by Lewis Voorheis. He sold the building and the dealership to Frank Leonard and […]

Letter to the Editor: Responding to the city manager

Dear Editor, I’m very glad to read that the city manager will take the time to respond to The Clarkston News, if not the public. (The Clarkston News, Feb. 16, 2022) It does show the power of a local newspaper. Let’s take a look at what he has said, keeping in mind that the Clarkston […]

Letter to the Editor: Shame on city manager, council

Dear Editor,  The Clarkston News asked Clarkston City Manager Jonathan Smith to comment on a blog post that criticized the city’s five-year litigation crusade to prevent a property owner from tearing down a house the city itself made uninhabitable by neglecting a leaking sewer line that washed away underground support. The city manager said, “This […]

Letter to the Editor: Suggestions for city actions

Dear Editor, Clarkston city officials have made two recent decisions to reduce public input. The February 14 city council meeting had no virtual participation and the rules have been changed for making public comments. The person making the public comment is now required to literally make the comment. Previously, the city manager, mayor or city […]

Letter to the Editor: Responding to recent viewpoint

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the letter to the editor from the Feb. 2, 2022 edition of The Clarkston News entitled “U.S. is affirmatively misguided.” I sincerely hope that Mr. Fetzer’s opinion is not widely reflected in our community. Appointing a black woman is not affirmative action. It is making the court […]