Recognizing youth

Dear Editor, Community involvement is always a key part of Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) programs. This is especially true for the Youth Recognition Program—Celebrating Youth Who Make a Difference. This year at the April 24 Youth Recognition Ceremony and Dessert Reception, there were 202 (179 present) student honorees, kindergarten through grade 12, who were […]

Loving Mel and Jo

Dear Editor, Thank you very much for the articles about Mel Vaara. We have known him and Jo over the 40 years we have been in Clarkston. They are a very interesting couple and are caring lovely folks.They have always really cared about each other, their family, their church, their friends and Clarkston. It has […]

Turn sidewalk attention to save mature trees

Dear Editor, My congratulations to the City of the Village of Clarkston leadership for the prompt action on repairing the city’s damaged sidewalks. This will make the city safer. Now, if only they would attend to the problem of the loss of mature trees (they are a major source of pride in the city, contribute […]

Wolves going extinct? Scare tactics, says reader

Dear Editor, In the April 17, 2019, edition of the Clarkston News, Mr. James Goodrich wrote that “wolves are in grave danger of extinction …” (“Protect wolves”). Huh? To the contrary, sir, wolf numbers are way up in Michigan and other midwestern states, too. The Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) estimates there may be […]

Thanks for lake help

Dear Editor, The residents of the Clarkston Mill Ponds would like to thank City Manager Jonathan Smith and Mike Speagle of the Clarkston DPW for facilitating the removal of the debris collected from our annual pond cleanup. Frank Schoebel Riparian representative for the Clarkston Mills Ponds

Protect wolves

Dear Editor, America’s wolves are in danger. Following the passage in the house of HR 6784, Manage our Wolves Act, and if passed by the senate, will remove gray wolves from federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, in the continental United States. On March 14, David Bernhardt, acting secretary of interior, announced the U.S. […]

Open internet

Dear Editor, I am writing you about an issue Congress will vote on that is neither Democrat nor Republican, but may be rejected by members funded by telecommunications company money. I’ve seen the difference begin since two years ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Ajit Pai repealed the net neutrality protections that make the […]

Clarkston water needs preserving, reader says

Dear Editor, Another highly visible “jewel” of Clarkston is water: Mill Ponds, Middle Lake, Parke Lake, and wells. They are sources of beauty, swimming, boating, fishing, and cooking/drinking, as they have been for many years. Sadly, our water is under threat from leaching chemicals, land fills, and former gas station sites. The chemicals come from […]

Reader praises congresswoman’s service so far

Dear Editor, Instead of taking a well-deserved break, Representative Elissa Slotkin offered her services, and even volunteered husband Dave Moore, to help gather sap recently for a couple hours with constituents in Independence Township. Because weather and nature have the last word on when sap will run, we didn’t gather much, unless you count the […]

County calls for Bailey house to comply with agreement

Independence Oaks Park North is a 188 acre jewel that first opened in 2011, becoming a part of one of the county’s 13 major parks. It was a magnificent acquisition for Oakland County Parks, full of unique natural resources. The purchase was financed with help from several sources, with the largest contribution coming in the […]