Letter to the Editor: Our children’s health comes first

Dear Editor, I was very disappointed and saddened by Matt Mackinder’s “What ‘Matt’ers” article on December 9, “Stop the complaints.” As a parent and community member, I am concerned for our children’s health and education. The attitude that there’s a pandemic and there’s nothing we can do is lazy and unfair to our children. The […]

Letter to the Editor: How are working parents selfish?

Dear Editor, In regards to your “opinion piece” of “Stop the complaints,” I find it ironic that you include “credibility” in the bottom of your recent piece. Matt, you mention this as if you have any credibility of anything to do with Clarkston when in the moment your fingers began typing, you completely lost yours. […]

Letter to the Editor: Is it mere ego or mere ignorance?

Dear Editor, I often ask the residents of Independence Township why they think the planning commission and the township board members don’t seem to be working for them or protecting the residents when it comes to new developments in the community. The residents understand there will be development. Do the board members understand they work […]

Letter to the Editor: Trump got raw end of deal from election

Dear Editor, It has been said by many that a healing process should begin after the election procedure between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. But wait a minute. Many Trump supporters are just plain provoked or angered. It was an unfair election setup. The violence and the countless negative comments of the Democratic party and several leading […]