Letter to the Editor: Don’t place blame on MDOT, Pulte

In the Oct. 18 Clarkston News article (“Waldon Village Market project progressing”), it claimed that the criticism against why you can clearly see the mass grading on the Waldon Village project was due to MDOT clearing the road right of way.The township does not use adjacent properties as a buffer for the one being developed […]

Letter to the Editor: We want our money

Back in Nov. 2018, a road millage was passed to repave 28 miles of county-controlled roads in Independence Township.Residents approved this millage and were assessed two mils of taxation on residential and commercial property over a four-year period. The tax was listed as a “Road Maintenance Fund” on each resident’s “Winter Taxes” for the calendar […]

Letter to the Editor: Village thanks

With our 51st annual Art in the Village now in the books, the Clarkston Community Historical Society Board of Directors thanks all who helped make this sellout show a huge success.Special thanks go to the City of the Village of Clarkston Council for allowing us to use Depot Park – the city’s jewel and the […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank you!

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the awesome, anonymous gentleman who paid my entire grocery bill in full at the Kroger on Sashabaw Road on Friday, Sept. 15, around 3:30 p.m.I hugged and thanked him profusely while his only comment to me afterward was “Jesus loves you.”This very generous act of […]

Letter to the Editor: City concerns

The Aug. 30, 2023 Clarkston News article about Village of Clarkston sidewalk repairs is almost exactly the same as in the city manager’s August 28 report to the city council.The problem with both is that I have yet to see any documentation of where the 301 broken or heaved sidewalks are and what criteria was […]

Letter to the Editor: New perspectives

The efforts of Jose Aliaga and Sam Moraco to exclude qualified persons from serving on the township zoning board of appeals reflect a myopic and overtly politicized form of leadership which potentially harms township residents – and a squandering of township resources to exclude candidates who can offer valuable expertise in township development.Of course, it […]

Letter to the Editor: Protecting nonresidents

The effort to keep only residents on our boards was defeated Tuesday night (Aug. 22) at the Township Board meeting.The majority of the board voted against adding language to the ordinance to prevent nonresidents from serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals after receiving comments and emails from residents who opposed nonresidents represent us.I made […]

Letter to the Editor: Right this time

This past Thursday, an employee appreciation picnic was planned for all employees of the township and held at Bay Court Park.When Supervisor Aliaga proposed this event, I voiced no objections. The picnic was a potluck, no taxpayer funds were used. An hour into the event, I noticed Mr. Michael Powell, a township resident, standing outside. […]

Letter to the Editor: Must be a resident

After months of the planning commission trying to prevent a public hearing, the text amendment to restore the ordinance to its original intent will be at the township board level for a vote soonState law allows one nonresident on the planning commission as it is a recommending body to the township board. This allows a […]

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Patterson

I attended the event July 26 in Clarkston, where Mary Margaret Patterson announced her candidacy for Oakland County executive. It was thought-provoking and very well-attended. I’m convinced people in our county are looking for change.I have many concerns about the leadership of our county, including unwanted transit tax increases, gifts to foreign globalist organizations and […]