Letter to the Editor: No to county millage

On the Nov. 8 ballot, you will be asked to vote on the Oakland County Public Transportation Millage. Let me share the information that is on the ballot: Property owners will be levied at .95 mils per $1000, of assessed taxable value, which means $1.8 million of township money will go into this millage. Oakland […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote Love, Giampetroni

We moved to Clarkston about 12 years ago. We fell in love with so many things this great community had to offer. One of these things was the academic reputation of the Clarkston school district. At that time, Clarkston High School was ranked the 54th-best high school academically in the state of Michigan. Residents took […]

Letter to the Editor: We need McGinnis, Need

I love our schools. I love this community. I have spent my entire 25-plus year professional career in this community, educating our students, our children. There is no place I would rather be. Our community is what it is because of the tradition of excellence that is synonymous with Clarkston Community Schools. That excellence is […]

Letter to the Editor: Question the candidates

David Meyer urges support for candidates Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni as new school board members. He says that they will ensure greater board transparency and appropriate reading materials for students, with masking and vaccination choice for all. I believe voters should more carefully consider all board candidates, and reject Meyers’ choices in favor of […]

Letter to the Editor: Time for Love

It is so nice to see young people getting involved in our school board races. It is often a neglected position but this year it has gained the attention it deserves. I have had the sincere pleasure to meet Amanda Love and I can tell that she is special and an ideal fit to serve […]

Letter to the Editor: Warriors for school board

Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni have been beating the pavement from morning until night, introducing themselves and their platforms regarding the rights of parents, academic excellence, fiscal responsibility, and accurate and accessible Transparency. Who does that with a young family? Mothers who care and feel a need to do so. Someone brought them to my […]

Letter to the Editor: Support for McGinnis, Need

I am writing to endorse both Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need for the Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education. Cheryl received the MASB President’s Award. They are both strong advocates for public education in Clarkston, and both are endorsed by the Clarkston Education Association. They were part of implementing the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, to […]

Letter to the Editor: Taking no chances

We are very troubled by this year’s school board race. Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need have done a great job and deserve to be re-elected. They are being challenged by persons who failed to respond to questions from the League of Women voters. One challenger, Amanda Love, has posed for pictures with three partisan office […]

Letter to the Editor: McGinnis the right advocate

We residents and Clarkston High School graduates encourage Clarkston Community Schools residents to evaluate the accomplishments and efforts of Cheryl McGinnis on behalf of all Clarkston students in her quest for another term as a trustee of the Board of Education. Many of us have known Cheryl McGinnis for 30 years or more. We know […]

Letter to the Editor: McGinnis, Need support

As a taxpayer and a parent, I’m very happy with the board of education at Clarkston Community Schools. I may not agree with every decision they make, but they are an experienced governing body attuned to the ins and outs of running a school district (as well as the tough compromises that come with that […]