Letter to the Editor: Moreau is the only choice for supervisor

Dear Editor, The choice for Springfield Township Supervisor was an easy one for me. David Smith, no thanks. His only “qualification” is that his family has lived in Springfield Township since 1837. Kevin Sclesky, no thanks. I have concerns about his ability to represent ALL Springfield Township residents fairly. While president of the home owners […]

Letter to the Editor: Smith a benefit to Springfield

Dear Editor, While we enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer, the August 4 primary election draws near. I’d like to recommend David Smith for the Springfield Township Supervisor position. David is uniquely qualified for this position. He’s lived in the area all his life, and has the farm/agriculture background that will represent so many of our […]

Letter to the Editor: Moreau a leader for Springfield

Dear Editor, This letter is in support of Laura Moreau for Supervisor of Springfield Township. I have served on the township board with Laura for the past 12 years. During that time. I have witnessed her dedication to the Township. Her last 12 years, besides being an outstanding clerk, have been spent working to make […]

Letter to the Editor: Refuting Main Street claims

Dear Editor, In response to “Letter to the Editor: Main Street traffic statistics.” With all due respect to Mr. Khan’s MD credentials, he appears to know little about traffic and related costs. First of all, “crash” is the preferred word versus what are often called “accidents.” The terminology has been changing because it is rarely […]

Letter to the Editor: Governor Whitmer, Michigan can’t afford another shutdown

Dear Editor, The state of Michigan has made unprecedented sacrifices these last four months. We were told to stay home for nearly three months, and businesses were ordered to shutter their doors. Due to this economic shutdown, many businesses are now closed permanently. These businesses include restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and more. Michigan has one […]

Letter to the Editor: Aliaga the trustee who listens

Dear Editor, Jose Aliaga is currently your Independence Township Trustee. He has been working for you since elected in 2012. Mr. Aliaga has fully supported funding for fire, Oakland County Sheriff services and your vast Parks, Recreation and Seniors programs. He realizes how important these are to making and keeping Independence Township the great place […]

Letter to the Editor: Is Main Street a dangerous road?

Dear Editor, Yes. 30 mph is too fast for ALL motorized vehicles for several reasons: 1. The intersection of M-15 and Miller has a very short, almost shared left turn lane with M15 and Clarkston Rd. Very tricky spot when busy; lots of ‘close calls’ and accidents there. 2. Main street through town has beautiful, […]