Letter to the Editor: Roadwork inquiries

A two-lane bridge on an interstate highway totally collapsed and was replaced with vehicles flowing smoothly in two weeks. Work has been in process on the Holcomb Road bridge for six weeks or more. I take the Allen Road detour two or three times a day. On many days, no workers are seen working or […]

Letter to the Editor: Last class reunion

The 70th Clarkston High School class reunion was disappointing, but understandable. Parker’s Hilltop Brewery was gracious in reserving space for June 17 without a deposit. Only one former classmate besides yours truly was present. Arzela Kelly (Brewer) came from Chico, Calif., accompanied by her son, Kent. Many classmates had passed on to their heavenly home […]

Letter to the Editor: Farm accoclades

Letter to the Editor: Farm accoclades

We moved from the City of the Village of Clarkston to the Village of Lake Orion about two years ago. I was recently reminded of my many letters to the editor in the Clarkston News, a tradition I am occasionally continuing with the Lake Orion Review. Letters to the local newspaper are truly a community […]

Letter to the Editor: Not a fan of 4-day week

Independence Township residents have been duped by an outrageous manipulation – how the four-day work week came to be. Here is what went down. There was a great lead-up to the idea with employee surveys and reports of how favorable township employees viewed a three-day weekend. No surprise there. Overwhelming approval. No survey of the […]

Letter to the Editor: Pride rights

Pride Month is an opportunity to reflect on the way LGBT Americans must constantly advocate for the same liberties that most of us take for granted. Recently, Michigan’s legislature took steps to protect the liberty of your LGBT neighbors by guaranteeing protection against housing discrimination and employment discrimination (House Bill 4003 and Senate Bill 4). […]

Letter to the Editor: Senior Picnic thanks

The Clarkston High School Class of 2023 recently had a full week of festivities and fun, including an opportunity to enjoy a picnic at Clintonwood Park. The Senior Celebrations Committee was responsible for putting together this event, along with many other senior-related activities that took place in the last few weeks of school. Yard signs […]

Letter to the Editor: Board doesn’t care

The Independence Township Board’s 5 p.m. “special meeting” of May 16, 2023 regarding a four-day work week once again ignored any input from taxpayers. Township officials were in such a rush to get their unfavorable four-day work proposal in place that they held a “special meeting” at 5 p.m. with the expressed purpose of going […]

Letter to the Editor: Dam joy?

I am so happy with the report that Mayor Haven and dam owner Bob Roth, among others, are pleased that some partial funding has been secured to study the viability of relieving dam owners of their responsibilities for their dam asset and foisting dam ownership and liabilities upon taxpayers and homeowners. No doubt another pot […]

Letter to the Editor: CAYA pinwheels thanks

Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) Pinwheels for Prevention Program sponsors and coordinates for the Clarkston community April is Child Abuse Prevention month, a nationwide campaign about preventing child abuse and neglect BEFORE IT HAPPENS. Prevention takes partnerships, collaborations, and community support. We are grateful to Clarkston Community Schools (CCS) for partnering on the 2023 Pinwheels […]

Letter to the Editor: Residents on boards

The residents have asked diligently to change the ordinance that allows nonresidents to serve on our boards. Supervisor Jose Aliaga, along with the township board, including Trustee Ron Ritchie, unanimously sent an ordinance revision to the planning commission that would require future zoning board of appeals members to be residents, which was denied by the […]