Letter to the Editor: Take note – No Memorial Day cemetery service this holiday

Dear Editor, Due to continued mandates concerning public gatherings and other uncertainties regarding public health issues, Campbell-Richmond Post 63 regrets having to announce the cancellation of its annual Memorial Day service at Lakeview Cemetery scheduled for May 31, 2021. This cancellation was a result of some of the continued mandates affecting public gatherings such as […]

Letter to the Editor: Nix the trash on Holcomb Road

Dear Editor, Those who reside on or in the vicinity of Holcomb Road in both Independence and Springfield townships are fortunate to live in an area of great natural beauty. It is a privilege to be a resident of that area. Unfortunately, there are a number of homeowners directly on Holcomb Road who choose not […]

Letter to the Editor: Please respect your neighbor

Dear Editor, Spring is here! Litter is here! Respect for our community and planet is gone. It’s hard to understand why anyone would continue to trash our neighborhoods. How will we ever agree on anything if we can’t properly dispose of our trash? Please respect your neighbor. Realtor signs are popping up like dandelions. The […]

Letter to the Editor: Pinwheels program making an impact in local Clarkston community

Dear Editor, Good news! Many to thank! April’s blue pinwheels have come back this year stronger than ever! Over 1500 blue pinwheels were planted across the Clarkston community in 62 gardens, bouquets, and arranged vases! Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) Pinwheels for Prevention Program’s blue pinwheels and new garden signs remind us that everyone has […]

Letter to the Editor: Could free college money be better utilized elsewhere in the U.S.?

Dear Editor, President Biden’s proposal to provide free, taxpayer-funded community college tuition sounds great at first glance. After all, what reasonable person could be opposed to encouraging education, particularly for the nation’s youth and economically disadvantaged? The reality, however, is that the proposal represents great potential for being a very expensive failure, seemingly more related […]

Letters to the Editor: Why can’t the township get rid of a drug house? / Supervisor issues response

Dear Editor, The neighborhood has been asking “the inspector” about the Delmas Road drug house for the past 15 months. Immediately after the new owner’s possession, a contractor working there informed the neighbors that they were starting a marijuana grow house. The building department was informed of the situation and they said that “nothing could be […]

Letter to the Editor: In favor of revisiting littering fine

Dear Editor, I agree with John Benedict’s letter from last week’s Clarkston News on bringing back the $500 fine for littering! In addition – people need to clean up personal property. In Springfield Township, it seems everyone is required to have junk in their yards – car parts, RVs, etc., and it’s disgusting. A home […]

Letter to the Editor: Less government would be best

Dear Editor, My sincere thanks to Mr. Sucher and Mr. Brooks for revealing the true nature and impact of HR-1 (The Clarkston News, April 7, 2021). The changes proposed in this bill should be frightening to all Americans. That Rep. Slotkin supports the legislation comes as no surprise. The older I get, the more truth […]