Letter to the Editor: Shame on city manager, council

Dear Editor,  The Clarkston News asked Clarkston City Manager Jonathan Smith to comment on a blog post that criticized the city’s five-year litigation crusade to prevent a property owner from tearing down a house the city itself made uninhabitable by neglecting a leaking sewer line that washed away underground support. The city manager said, “This […]

Letter to the Editor: Suggestions for city actions

Dear Editor, Clarkston city officials have made two recent decisions to reduce public input. The February 14 city council meeting had no virtual participation and the rules have been changed for making public comments. The person making the public comment is now required to literally make the comment. Previously, the city manager, mayor or city […]

Letter to the Editor: Responding to recent viewpoint

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the letter to the editor from the Feb. 2, 2022 edition of The Clarkston News entitled “U.S. is affirmatively misguided.” I sincerely hope that Mr. Fetzer’s opinion is not widely reflected in our community. Appointing a black woman is not affirmative action. It is making the court […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking for city issue resolutions

Dear Editor, What do collapsing Miami condos and a Pittsburgh bridge have to do with the Clarkston Road storm water pollution? Everything! All are glaring examples of denying the existence of a problem and avoiding it for decades, for a variety of reasons, including cost. Now, we have received an apparently thorough explanation of the […]

Letter to the Editor: Giving credit where credit is due

Dear Editor, (This letter is really for Jenny Locricchio.) Thank you, Jenny, for bringing to light the story of Joey’s dad and family (The Clarkston News, January 19, 2022). Too much talk about Pine Knob Music Theatre has omitted the original Locricchio family history with the venue. Where would Pine Knob be if it weren’t […]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s be patient with roadwork

Dear Editor, Regarding patching of Clarkston Road and M-15, installing drains there and such… Those mud puddles and associated pot holes are in the Historic District and as such are protected. Repairing them will require extraordinary will on the part of several City of the Village commissions and boards. These things just can’t be rushed […]

Letter to the Editor: The U.S. is affirmatively misguided

Dear Editor, President Biden has done a great disservice to a nation that prides itself on a commitment to equal opportunity by announcing and reaffirming his intention to nominate a black female to the nation’s highest court. Whites, black males, Hispanics, Asians and other very highly qualified candidates will be totally excluded from consideration. Biden’s […]

Letter to the Editor: Give our kids the gift of reading

Dear Editor, As the president of the Rotary Club of Clarkston, I’m excited to announce that the Rotary Club of Clarkston is sponsoring a Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for Clarkston! This initiative allows each child from ages 0-55 to register for a FREE book each month in the three zip codes of Clarkston: 48346, 48347, and 48348. Each […]

Letter to the Editor: Why the delay on storm drains?

Dear Editor, The following quote appeared in a Jan. 19 article in The Clarkston News about a recent Clarkston City Council meeting: “For a few reasons, it is not feasible to install storm drains on Clarkston Road this year, but plans are in place to repave the badly deteriorated roadway in 2022 from Main Street […]