Letter to the Editor: Taking no chances

We are very troubled by this year’s school board race. Cheryl McGinnis and Greg Need have done a great job and deserve to be re-elected. They are being challenged by persons who failed to respond to questions from the League of Women voters. One challenger, Amanda Love, has posed for pictures with three partisan office […]

Letter to the Editor: McGinnis the right advocate

We residents and Clarkston High School graduates encourage Clarkston Community Schools residents to evaluate the accomplishments and efforts of Cheryl McGinnis on behalf of all Clarkston students in her quest for another term as a trustee of the Board of Education. Many of us have known Cheryl McGinnis for 30 years or more. We know […]

Letter to the Editor: McGinnis, Need support

As a taxpayer and a parent, I’m very happy with the board of education at Clarkston Community Schools. I may not agree with every decision they make, but they are an experienced governing body attuned to the ins and outs of running a school district (as well as the tough compromises that come with that […]

Letter to the Editor: Township board issues

I attended the township board meeting on September 20 regarding a request for a public hearing. I made my presentation and gave plenty of documentation. A few of the board members looked almost asleep. That’s because the public notices were printed in the paper before the meeting began. On September 27, there was a meeting […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote Love, Giampetroni

Driving around town, I have been excited to see the numerous signs for supporting the candidates for our local school board. It is wonderful seeing our community involved in our schools. Two years ago, a small group of parents gathered outside the board office protesting the removal of our option for in-person schooling. Since then, […]

Letter to the Editor: Conservative watchdogs

I support Amanda Love and Christy Giampetroni for Clarkston School Board because it is time for a new perspective on the board. Clarkston is a largely conservative community. Amanda and Christy will be conservative watchdogs for the board and advocate in the best interest of the children and parents they represent. Amanda and Christy also […]

Letter to the Editor: Not a fan of Brown

This is outrageous. The election of Paul Brown as the Independence Township treasurer should be nullified. Paul elected to run for this position and then ran around to the other side of the table to vote for himself. The interviewee gets to decide that he gets the job? I’ve never heard of such a thing. […]

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Need, McGinnis

The Clarkston School Board election is a very important one this year. I moved into this district in 1977 and feel that the Community School District is running the best it has since then. I’m proud of the way that that this district focuses on the well-being of our students academically, physically and emotionally. I’m […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Love

You can learn a lot about someone when you live next door to them, especially without fences. I have had the privilege of living next door to Amanda Love and her family. They are kind and respectful and are the first to lend a hand to someone in need. Despite being on the exact opposite […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote Need, McGinnis

Experience, integrity and commitment to our local community are three important credentials to be on the Clarkston School Board. Greg Need and Cheryl McGinnis have demonstrated all of those qualities during their years of service on the current school board. I have known Greg Need for many decades since we attended and graduated from Wayne […]