Letter to the Editor: Talking the upcoming elections

Dear Editor, Thank you to candidates at all levels who are conducting campaigns without attacks on their opponents. Many voters would like to see political ads from an incumbent that tell what he/she has done for constituents since being elected. Ads from challengers should spell out policies or different ideas being proposed. John James has […]

Letter to the Editor: Questioning the village finances

Dear Editor, It was obvious to anyone paying attention that the government for the City of the Village of Clarkston has little fiscal responsibility. On Monday, September 14, 2020, the city council again made it official with a unanimous vote to charge the residents and business owners more to cover the ongoing excessive, uncontrolled, and […]

Letter to the Editor: What can go wrong?

Dear Editor, Our Secretary of State (SOS), Jocelyn Benson, made the decision along with our Governor to mail out millions of unsolicited absentee ballot applications. Prior to this action, any voter could request an absentee ballot application, which adds a layer of protection that only the person that requests the application receives it. After taking […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking for answers from village government

Dear Editor, Regarding Clarkston City Council meeting public comments of August 24, 2020. I want to thank (administrative assistant) Jennifer Speagle for restoring council meeting documents prior to 2018 to the city’s website. This information is once again available to the public. Why were these public records removed? In March 2020, I became aware that council […]

Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

By Pat Kittle, Supervisor You’ve all seen it at the corner of White Lake and Dixie Highway, but did you know it’s been there for over 170 years.  After being inspired by a site visit coordinated by Joette Kunse, the Township will be partnering with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to develop a […]

Responding to outdoor seating, parking

Responding to outdoor seating, parking

In response to The Clarkston News’ story “Honcho changes outdoor configuration,” which ran in the September 2, 2020, issue, readers commented on the development on the newspaper’s Facebook page. “After years of complaints about the lack of handicap parking, they finally added two handicap spots on Church Street adjacent to Honcho’s a year or so […]

Letter to the Editor: Teaching culture in schools

(In response to “Guest Viewpoint: CCS needs more race education as part of curriculum,” Clarkston News, Aug. 19, 2020) Dear Editor, Few would disagree that history and cultural education in American schools could be enhanced. Americans who travel abroad are often surprised and embarrassed to learn of near universal disappointment by our foreign neighbors with […]

Guest Viewpoint: CCS needs more race education as part of curriculum

Dear Principal Kaul and Clarkston Community Schools, We are a group of current Clarkston High School students, alumni, parents of students, and other members of the Clarkston community writing to you with a humble request to insert additional Black perspectives into the English, History, and Government curricula at Clarkston High School for the 2020-21 academic […]