Letter to the Editor: Major props to our city manager

Dear Editor, Taking a moment before the weekend bleeds into another workweek and an illustrative event is lost. Back in the late afternoon January 7, I witnessed some bad behavior on Main Street, some excellent behavior on Main Street, and, finally, directly experienced dedication and kindness from our city manager. First, the bad behavior: As […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking for more Clarkston history

Dear Editor, I read Messrs. Haven and Fisher’s pieces in the January 12 edition of The Clarkston News, each briefly addressed portions of Clarkston’s history going back to the 1830s. I found the information fascinating. I also read Don Rush’s editorial, wherein he requests more input from the community. OK, here is my suggestion. I would like […]

Letter to the Editor: Looking back, looking forward

Dear Editor, Wouldn’t time travel be fun, to fly forward and backward, on the time continuum, like Marty McFly, 1.21 gigawatts, past and future, around the globe and be home for dinner? Let’s pretend. Set the dial on your time machine for the year 1830. Now close your eyes. Listen. What do you hear? A […]

To the dear lady I love: A poem by Judy Wilson

People coo over plump babies; the soft unlined skin of a young child seems to ask to be caressed. Firm, flexible, and smooth are the bodies of the young, and much admired. But I, I am drawn to the faces and bodies of the old. To me, they tell a story more fascinating than the […]

Letter to the Editor: We need our sidewalks repaired

Dear Editor, (These comments were addressed to the two new Clarkston City Council members, Bruce Fuller and Laura Rodgers, at the November 22, 2021 council meeting.) I am sure you recognize the city’s inability to maintain its sidewalks and streets. The city faces significant financial challenges without a plan. Council has borrowed from its water and […]

Letter to the Editor: Supporting our local newspaper

Dear Editor, Recently, I viewed the PBS documentary “Storm Lake – Family-Run Newspaper Keeps Local Journalism Alive.” It reminds all of us of the importance of independent local journalism We are very fortunate to have The Clarkston News, and the work of Don Rush, in our community. Our support of them keeps us better informed about […]

Letter to the Editor: Snow, leaves blocking driveway

Letter to the Editor: Snow, leaves blocking driveway

Dear Editor, My wife and I have lived on Tiohero Boulevard in the Thendara Park subdivision since 1979. The issue is this: There is a problem with road snow removal. When the snowplow comes and clears the road, the snow gets deposited in my driveway as high as three feet. This has been going on […]

Letter to the Editor: Residents want planner to stay

Dear Editor, We are writing to support Sam Moraco and keep him on the Independence Township Planning Commission. We purchased property, built a house, and moved here over 30 years ago because we wanted to avoid the “development at any cost” mentality of some on the surrounding communities. Sam has been one of the few […]

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