Letter to the Editor: Bring back $500 littering fine

Dear Editor, Oakland County in general and especially Springfield Township, Independence Township, Clarkston and Waterford look like trash dumps. We seriously need to bring back the $500 fine for littering and it would be nice revenue for the county and townships. I can’t wait to see who will call this unfair. Those that are too […]

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for all staff, volunteers

Dear Editor, While many of us have shown our appreciation for the many people named “first responders,” we may have missed out recognizing so many others who are deserving. For example, what about the Clarkston Community Schools staff and volunteers? After they operated without an official superintendent for about a year and coped with illnesses […]

Letter to the Editor: Do your homework before voting

Dear Editor, Know who and what you are voting for. The simple statement that HR-1 is “a good start with putting elections back in the hands of all U.S. citizens” may sound simple, may sound good, but it is anything but. Actually the 791-page legislative package does quite a bit more including taking control of […]

Letter to the Editor: Slotkin getting a big thumbs up

Dear Editor, I am writing to thank Representative Elissa Slotkin for her support of H.R. 1. H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” is also supported by more than two-thirds of voters, including 57 percent of Republicans. In 2018, Michigan voters passed Proposals 2 and 3, which amended our state constitution to establish an independent citizen redistricting […]

Letter to the Editor: In favor of U.S. Supreme Court

Dear Editor, In response to a recent Letter to the Editor concerning the involvement of the federal government in elections, multiple national laws and amendments to the U.S. Constitution have been adopted when states have not acted in the best interests of all their citizens. The 19th Amendment (1920) prohibits states from denying the right […]

Letter to the Editor: Resident in search of vaccine

Dear Editor, HELP! I am amazed that politicians (Biden, Whitmer, Coulter, Duggan, etc.) use announcements on the expansion for vaccine eligibility for political purposes. There are many people in the top two or three tiers that have not been able to receive their vaccine shots. My wife and I are in our mid-70s and have not […]

Letter to the Editor: More questions for the city

Dear Editor, In the spirit of Sunshine Week (March 14-20), promoting open government is good government, here are some things I think the City of the Village of Clarkston should be informing the public about: What is the status of the settlement of the Bisio v City of the Village of Clarkston Freedom of Information […]

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Rep. Slotkin

Dear Editor, I am a big fan of our Representative Elissa Slotkin. A yes vote for HR1 is a good start with putting elections back in the hands of all U.S. citizens. HR1 changes campaign finance laws to reduce influence of money in politics. HR1 puts limits on gerrymandering and introduces new ethics rules for […]

Letter to the Editor: Time for a trash hauler review

Dear Editor, Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle’s proposed trash hauler review is the right thing to do. I am a licensed professional engineer with experience to restructuring trash hauling for industrial customers and evaluating trash haulers and disposal facilities. Here are the challenges we face: 1. It cost our subdivision homeowners over $6,000 per household […]

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