STUDENT VIEWS: The problem with dress codes

Eighth grade students in teacher Allie Browe’s English Language Arts classes at Clarkston Junior High School are writing activism articles in their argument writing unit, and we’re publishing some of their top articles. This week, Abbe Campbell writes about school dress codes. Girls across America are being made to feel like their bodies are inappropriate, […]

Athletes of the Week – Hard works pays off

BY WENDI REARDON Clarkston News Sports Writer MacGregor Schaffer suited up every Clarkston Hockey game in his pads and uniform ready to go. “I didn’t play a lot,” said Schaffer, a senior at Clarkston High School. “I didn’t get a lot of chances scoring wise. I was happy just to play and happy to say […]

Letters to the Editor

Reasons for raises don’t ring true for reader  Dear Editor, The Independence Township Board’s recent decision to give themselves pay raises clearly shows taxpayers where their priorities are, with themselves. The treasurer and the clerk admitted that much when voting for their own salary increases at the April 5 board meeting. Unfortunately no one is […]

A reminder of why we need a free press

  Stupid weather. Stupid weather. STUPID WEATHER! Okay, I feel better now having gotten that out in the open. Since the stupid weather in April has changed back to a cold, winter, windy, snowy mix (after a warmer than normal winter), this past weekend I was “forced” to work inside my home, instead of being […]

Lots of concerns, questions about high-density housing project

OXFORD VILLAGE – A litany of concerns were expressed by both officials and residents regarding a proposed 76-unit multiple-family housing development at 98 S. Glaspie St., but the bulk of the criticism centered around one word – density. “I think you’re trying to put 10 pounds of something in a 5-pound bag,” said village Planning […]

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