WORDS FROM THE SUP’T: Imagination fires up education

Over the past few months, I have used my Words From the Sup’t column to reflect on five “power” words that reflect our commitment to creating a positive learning environment in Clarkston: our students, staff, and families are challenged, healthy, engaged, safe, and supported. Today, I’m thinking about our engaged community and the many ways […]

WENDI’S WORD: Brother before Christmas

It’s been a little over one week since we brought an infant home and it’s going as well as it can with a toddler and almost 2-week-old. Jonathan, who is now a three-year-old or threenager, is pretty good with his little brother. He gives him kisses on the forehead and stops what he is doing […]

A new place to create art

A new place to create art

Leanna Haun, owner of Picasso’s Grapevine. BY KATHY SHELTON Special to the Clarkston News When Leanna Haun first entered the iconic, but somewhat bedraggled, barn on Clarkston Road, she knew she found a diamond in the rough. “I could just feel the artistic energy,” she enthused. The former farm at 4215 Clarkston Road housed the […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: Holiday lights in dark

The weather forecast looks decent for Saturday right now, with clear skies and 29 degrees. Hopefully that holds out for the Holiday Lights Parade, Saturday evening downtown. I’ll be trying my luck with my camera, hoping to get decent photos of colorfully lit parade floats and vehicles in the 6 p.m. darkness. It’s always a […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Give Jesus your best for Chrismas

I wonder what Jesus wants for Christmas this year? I have been pondering this question while preparing for Advent and Christmas sermons at Calvary Lutheran. It’s an interesting question because in most cases the one having the birthday is the one who receives gifts. However at Christmas it seems the focus is on what gifts […]

Coupon rehab turns into ministry to poor

Coupon rehab turns into ministry to poor

Dahl the Coupon Ambassador uses her couponing skills to gift food, water, household supplies and other items to people in need. Photo by Phil Custodio BY PHIL CUSTODIO Clarkston News Editor For Dahl the Coupon Ambassador, a pair of scissors and a pile of coupons is all she needs to help people in need. “I […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Happiness through gratitude

In a study of over a thousand high school students, those who demonstrated high levels of gratitude had higher GPAs and less depression than the less grateful teens. By contrast, the teens who equated buying and owning things with success and happiness reported having lower GPAs, more depression, and a more negative outlook. There are […]

Heading into history

There was probably a big 50-year anniversary celebration of the end of World War I in 1968, but I wasn’t born until the year after that so I missed it. I was here for the 100-year anniversary of the Nov. 11 armistice, though, now celebrated as Veterans Day. Folks started commemorating Great War anniversaries four […]

WORDS FROM THE SUP’T: Why ‘real talk’ matters

Can you remember the last time you had a real talk? I’m not talking about our usual polite exchanges about work or the weather. I’m talking about getting real. Over two days at Clarkston United Methodist Church, nearly 300 Clarkston High School students did just that at our fall CHS “Real Talk” event. Students learned […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Change begins within you

The best thing I can say about this current election cycle is that by the time you read this it will be over. Although the incessant analysis and second guessing will continue. Plus the very likely increasingly repugnant campaign for 2020 will kick into full swing. There will have been the declaration of winners and […]