Wendi’s Word: Loving springtime

Congratulations to Clarkston’s Team RUSH 27 Robotics for a great year! They just got back from the 2022 FIRST World Championship in Houston, finishing in the semifinals of the Newton Division. Plus, they left after just finishing as champion in the Michigan competition. They have worked hard. Plus, it was just an amazing year considering […]

Wendi’s Word: It’s spring…right?

I am optimistic spring is right around the corner. Despite the cold temperatures and dare I say…snow. It feels it’s getting close. I feel it in the need to open the windows to let the fresh air. I feel it in the need to spring clean, a good detailed spring clean. Though really with having […]

Wendi’s Word: Positive spring beginnings

Spring has officially arrived and with it bringing with it new beginnings. I went back to Forum Health (formerly Nuview Nutrition.) It’s really hard to believe it’s been only a year. But then, when one falls back into bad habits like eating sugar and carbs like always, it just seems like any day. So on […]

Wendi’s Word: March into spring

I am excited for this month – there’s a lot going on. Spring is right around the corner, the sun sets just a little bit later each day, there’s usually one or two scrapbook crops going on, and it’s March is Reading Month. Jonathan has his reading gear. His elementary school and a few others […]

Wendi’s Word: Rest well, my friend

It was both beautiful and sad as students and mentors from Clarkston’s Team RUSH Robotics each put a yellow rose in a basket on Sunday at Clarkston United Methodist Church. The sentiment was beautiful. The reason was sad as it was during a Celebration of Life as the Clarkston community lost Mark Kelly last week. […]

Wendi’s Word: Let it snow

The snowfall on Monday was beautiful to watch. It wasn’t until dark I thought about it would have been a hot cocoa day. Too focused on work and driving on the roads to worry about marshmallows and hot cocoa. No matter the roads, I like to ease myself saying I have driven in worse. Even […]

Wendi’s Word: Props to Clarkston

A big shout out to Clarkston Athletics. First, it was Krystal Bergman creating a logo in support of the Oxford community – blue and gold united. Then, it was creating and selling T-shirts and yard signs to raise money for the Oxford community. If you didn’t know they used the money to get Oxford Community […]

Wendi’s Word: Christmas movie mania

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only a few days away. It’s been different this year, not quite there in the holiday spirit but getting closer. A few of the ways I get into the spirit is with music and movies. The weekend weather was perfect if you didn’t have to be out and about […]

Wendi’s Word: Oxford Strong

I am heartbroken. I don’t know how else to begin but to point out what many others are feeling. By now more information has come out about what happened Tuesday, Nov. 30 at Oxford High School. This is one of those events you will remember where you were. I was home. I just got home […]

Wendi’s Word: Christmas ready?

Sometime in October, posts on my social media account began popping up about how many Fridays were left until Christmas. I can see the posts being helpful. But to me they are rough reminders about how little time is left until not only the holiday but the boys’ birthdays. It’s the double whammy which gets […]

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