Wendi’s Word: Reading month is every month

I got pretty lucky having two young readers in our home. And, what a month to celebrate with March is Reading Month.Jonathan tracked the minutes he read from March 1-21 for the school wide challenge. The top three from each class with the most minutes received medals and fourth place received a special inflatable torch […]

Wendi’s Word: Making those lists, checking them twice

I love this time of year.I know there is a lot of hustle and bustle, making and conquering lists and activities filling up calendars.But, it’s the lights. I love the lights. This year it seems like there are so many more homes and businesses in the holiday spirit and decorated with lights.I will start with […]

Wendi’s Word: Loving springtime

Congratulations to Clarkston’s Team RUSH 27 Robotics for a great year! They just got back from the 2022 FIRST World Championship in Houston, finishing in the semifinals of the Newton Division. Plus, they left after just finishing as champion in the Michigan competition. They have worked hard. Plus, it was just an amazing year considering […]

Wendi’s Word: It’s spring…right?

I am optimistic spring is right around the corner. Despite the cold temperatures and dare I say…snow. It feels it’s getting close. I feel it in the need to open the windows to let the fresh air. I feel it in the need to spring clean, a good detailed spring clean. Though really with having […]

Wendi’s Word: Positive spring beginnings

Spring has officially arrived and with it bringing with it new beginnings. I went back to Forum Health (formerly Nuview Nutrition.) It’s really hard to believe it’s been only a year. But then, when one falls back into bad habits like eating sugar and carbs like always, it just seems like any day. So on […]

Wendi’s Word: March into spring

I am excited for this month – there’s a lot going on. Spring is right around the corner, the sun sets just a little bit later each day, there’s usually one or two scrapbook crops going on, and it’s March is Reading Month. Jonathan has his reading gear. His elementary school and a few others […]

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