Wendi’s Word: Summer fun when you’re three

With a flash, here we are in August – school supplies have been for sale at stores for weeks, fall sports start on Monday, and students in Clarkston Community Schools go back in less than three weeks. Three-year-old Jonathan has made the most of his summer. He is at an age he can do more […]

Wendi’s Word: Kids, garage sales

I don’t really play a lot of video games so I wouldn’t deem myself a gamer – but I use video game terms. Player Four has leveled up. Age of Player Four is holding at seven months old, still a young player in the game. But Oliver has added a new skill to level up […]

Wendi’s Word: Getting healthy

I see my newest journey in steps. Step one – must be in the spot where you are mentally there. Really, if you aren’t in it, the success isn’t going to be as big as you want it. Step two – make the contact, which in this case was a quick email to Brittany Golden […]

Wendi’s Word: Mall memories

My travels took me through Waterford Township and past a place I visited a lot during my childhood and into my teenage years. And after years of being boarded up and deteriorating, Summit Place Mall had equipment in the middle and was being torn down. It’s strange looking back now just because I spent close […]

Wendi’s Word: Time to clean

The spring cleaning bug kicked into gear during the weekend as the rain continued to drizzle and the gray clouds hid the sun. Three pieces of furniture were placed into the basement office with a mix of drawers and shelves. I was happy to pull all the boxes out of the corner so they could […]

Wendi’s Word: Book boys

Jonathan grabbed the Go, Dog. Go! book by P.D. Eastman from the pile of books and settled on top of his pillow on his bed. The three-year-old toddler flipped through the pages and read to himself. Some parts it was clear what page he was on as he said “Go, dog. Go!” Or the parts […]

Wendi’s Word: Pieces of Vue

It’s a noise not heard too often, but when you hear it you definitely know what it is – the crunch. I heard the crunch last Thursday as I was heading into the gas station to pre-pay for gas. I closed my eyes for a millisecond and turned around. I knew where the crunch came […]

Wendi’s Word: A toast for Pete

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw someone I knew tagged in two photos. I naturally “liked” the photos then noticed the comments. I was quickly saddened as I read the comments of condolences – one of Clarkston’s own Pete Vandermeer had passed away. All I can do now is picture him standing in […]

WENDI’S WORD: New beginnings

The torn up wrapping paper is put away. The new toys are scattered throughout the house and a new year is here with the brightness of new beginnings and new resolutions to go with it. I don’t have new goals, just to continue on working on the goals I already have with each week evaluating […]

WENDI’S WORD: Brother before Christmas

It’s been a little over one week since we brought an infant home and it’s going as well as it can with a toddler and almost 2-week-old. Jonathan, who is now a three-year-old or threenager, is pretty good with his little brother. He gives him kisses on the forehead and stops what he is doing […]

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