Wendi’s Word: Winter is back!

Here we are, a week into February and all winter sports will be back to running this week. Any other year, some sports would be starting the post-season about now or getting into those last final weeks of games. Not this year. All winter sports went on a pause mid-November. Slowly sports have come back […]

Wendi’s Word: Home office tales

I like to think of my personal office as a little haven even when it is being used for work. It might be the only place in the house there aren’t any toys laying about. Might… I could have missed some during the weekend. I have let the boys more into my little haven in […]

Wendi’s Word: Conversations with mini me

Holiday music was playing in the background in the sunroom when a conversation started about Santa Claus. It turned into a very serious conversation with five-year-old Jonathan about the type of beverage to leave the man in red on Christmas Eve. It’s milk. “What about water,” I asked. “Santa drinks a lot of milk for […]

Wendi’s Word: Boys, dogs & a monkey

A short tale about a boy and his dog…err….dogs and a monkey. Soon to be two years old, Oliver carries around four stuffed animals, his buddies. It started with a puppy puppet, which was in his older brother’s pile of stuffed animals. Oliver also took over possession of Little Monkey Lost puppet, a baby monkey […]

Wendi’s Word: Novels and nutrition

The first day of National Novel Writing Month has come and gone. I am being a rebel again this year and not starting a new novel, but continuing to work on another novel. I wrote new words on Sunday, the first day. I also edited a little bit. Now, I sit here on the second […]

Wendi’s Word: Bye lil’ Saturn

One single box was brought into the house after the 2007 Saturn Vue was emptied on Saturday. It was the last thing to do before we say goodbye to it. Four-year-old Jonathan immediately took out the Scooby-Doo windshield sun shield out of the box. I may have used it once in my 14 years owning […]

Wendi’s Word: Readyin’ to get to sheddin’

I am ready. I have said this many times. But I couldn’t say this during the beginning of the summer or during the summer because to be honest I wasn’t ready – mentally or emotionally. I can say it now – I am ready to go back on my Shape Reclaimed plan through Nuview Nutrition. […]

Wendi’s Word: The silver lining

I didn’t go looking for trouble, I just found it. Remember all that rain we had a few weeks ago, I found some of it had ventured into the corner of my basement office. Here’s how it happened, the “If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie” version of what happens when I reorganize or clean. […]

Wendi’s Word: Summertime fun

Sometimes I can’t believe we are already in August and school, in one form or another, will be starting soon. The summer that is…what it is. We have been doing what we can with the boys during a pandemic. They need sunshine and need to get out of the house. We need sunshine and to […]

Wendi’s Word: Fall around the corner

Besides all the players and coaches in masks, Monday evening felt almost pre-COVID-19 normal as Clarkston Varsity Football were in stations around the field for their pre-season workout and conditioning. Anytime I have visited workouts since they started at the end of June, it’s been good to see students outside with their teammates. First practices […]