Wendi’s Word: Fall around the corner

Besides all the players and coaches in masks, Monday evening felt almost pre-COVID-19 normal as Clarkston Varsity Football were in stations around the field for their pre-season workout and conditioning. Anytime I have visited workouts since they started at the end of June, it’s been good to see students outside with their teammates. First practices […]

Wendi’s Word: Zooming in 2020

Social distancing has definitely presented new opportunities to be with friends and family without being with friends and family. I have joined the masses and I am now on Zoom. My friend planned her baby shower to be on seen on Zoom. So there I was one Saturday afternoon, watching friends a few towns away […]

Wendi Word’s: Salute to seniors

Congratulations Class of 2020! You made it! Not just through your 12-plus years to graduation, but you made it through the crazy last few months. When you began your senior year, you weren’t thinking about how the year was going to be cut short. You were just looking forward to the last year and making […]

Wendi’s Word: Hot Wheels and books

Hello everyone out in quarantine land! How is the stay-home order treating you? Me? Just getting back into the groove as much as I can with a lot of events being cancelled or postponed on our return to The Clarkston News. What isn’t cancelled? Continuing to write out to-do lists. It helps focus and I […]

Wendi’s Word: From the zone

How is everyone doing out there in lockdown land? For us, it hasn’t been too bad. With a 15-month-old and 4-year-old who stay at home most of the time, it’s not a change for them. The change will be adventures out of the house. There will be more of an impact as the weeks go […]

Wendi’s Word: Spring for books

The boys and I celebrated the extra day in February by going to the library. Fifteen-month-old Oliver enjoyed running up and down the aisles in the children’s area. He is quite quick at the “chase” game he thought we were playing. I was just making sure he didn’t tug all the books off the shelves […]

Wendi’s Word: To theater or not to theater

For an insider peek, I usually have three ideas before I open the column template for my week. I have more while driving but three really stick. Late last week, I began with the first idea and now on Sunday I come back to a second idea because of an article I skimmed, discussing how […]

Wendi’s Word: Snow time for pics

Bundled up in winter jackets, snow pants, mittens, hats and shoes, the boys took advantage of the amount of snow which fell on Saturday. Four-year-old Jonathan was out first, helping to shovel snow before 13-month-old Oliver came out head to toe in winter gear. Oliver didn’t know what to make of the cold, wet, white […]

Wendi’s Word: Christmas memories

Three-year-old Jonathan’s eyes lit up as the colored bulbs lining the exterior of the house turned on. “Christmas,” he said excitedly. He probably won’t remember it decades from now, the happy memories created as he grows up. It’s what reminds me to keep the camera out and pen to document what I can so he […]

Wendi’s Word: Christmas is now

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and only one on a mismatching stocking holder – a Barbie holder rescued from the garage sale boxes since I couldn’t find a fourth matching holder to put my stocking up. Yes, we put up the Christmas holiday decorations during the weekend, only 11 days before […]