Finding ‘new normal’

Dear Editor, I, like many of you, am trying to get my head around our “new normal,” and how to deal with these myriad of human emotions, from anger to bewilderment to fear, all related to COVID-19! And you know what dawned on me? We ARE dealing with this new, scary reality. And, exactly as […]

More leadership needed

Dear Editor, While Americans must remain optimistic in the midst of a health crisis and economic collapse of historic proportions, as Americans with strong values and ethic, we must remain objective and unafraid of fact-based analysis and accountability in assessing our condition. Of course, there will be time later to assess responsibility, but urgings by […]

Services adapted for safety at Wint Funeral Home

Dear Editor, Wint Funeral Home has been privileged to serve our community since 1959 and continues to stand ready to serve. Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the safety and well-being of you, your family and friends as well as our own staff, has always been of utmost importance to us. We will remain open […]

Congrats to Walls

Dear Editor, I want to congratulate Colin Walls for his many years as Springfield Township supervisor. Between he and Nancy Strole, they did an outstanding job of steering the township, saving natural areas, and effectively managing development. Wish more township officials could do that as well! Perhaps Colin could provide a workshop on being effective. […]

Thanks for RTA squash

Dear Editor, Sincere thanks to Pat Kittle, Andrea Schroeder and others who helped to bury the ridiculous Regional Transit scheme that would not benefit my family or anyone I know. When this monstrosity is resurrected again, drive a stake through its heart! If employers want a transit system for southeastern Michigan, they should create their […]

Road grading needed

Dear Editor, Myself and all my neighbors are constantly calling the Road Commission for Oakland County to help keep our road graded and safe. To no avail. Every dirt road around us, Dartmouth and Indianwood Road, are perfect. Ours, being Indianwood Drive, is totally impassable, and a threat to emergency vehicles, should need for them […]

Supervisor Walls to retire, thanks residents

Dear Editor, I have saved a quote for several years that says, “The more people you serve, the more successful you are.” I have tried to live up to that challenge. Springfield is a very special place, filled with special residents who have allowed me to serve you and I thank you all very much. […]

Public transportation

Dear Editor, I am the parent and guardian of a young disabled adult, living in North Oakland County, who will never be able to drive a vehicle. The audacity of three northern Oakland County politicians, state Rep. Andrea Schroeder, state Sen. Ruth Johnson and state Sen. Jim Runestad, to indicate the elderly and disabled do […]

Coffee hour concerns

Dear editor, I attended state Rep. Matt Maddock’s latest coffee hour (for District 44 including Springfield Township, Feb. 17, at Leo’s Coney in White Lake). A tremendous waste of time. It was more of a “party” for his “friends.” Within hours, he boasted on Facebook of having over 70 “constituents” present. But, instead of speaking […]

Questions about 18 documents in FOIA lawsuit

Dear Editor, Would the State of Michigan Supreme Court have agreed to hear the appeal of Bisio v. Clarkston if they were supportive of previous decisions by lower courts in favor of the City of the Village of Clarkston (“Case with Supremes,” Feb. 26)? This may mean the city is at significant financial risk, and […]

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