Letter to the Editor: Springfield has strong advocate in Smith

Dear Editor, My son, David Smith, is running for Springfield Township Supervisor. David grew up on our family farm and has deep roots in Springfield Township. He will be the fifth generation of our family to serve the people of Springfield since 1837. If you value knowledge, dedication, fiscal responsibility, common sense and work ethic, […]

Letter to the Editor: Knowing where our officials stand is key

Dear Editor, Over the past few years, we have written to federal, state, county and local government officials sharing our viewpoint and asking how these officials planned to vote on issues important to us. We received concise and complete responses from Andrea Schroeder (Michigan House, District 43) and Pat Kittle (Independence Township Supervisor). Their stands […]

Letter to the Editor: Sclesky the right fit for Springfield Township

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter to endorse Kevin Sclesky for the position of Springfield Township Supervisor.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin soon after we moved to the area in 2005. We served together on the Bridge Lake Bluffs Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors for several years.  Kevin was enthusiastic about his responsibilities […]

Letter to the Editor: Moreau is the only choice for supervisor

Dear Editor, The choice for Springfield Township Supervisor was an easy one for me. David Smith, no thanks. His only “qualification” is that his family has lived in Springfield Township since 1837. Kevin Sclesky, no thanks. I have concerns about his ability to represent ALL Springfield Township residents fairly. While president of the home owners […]

Letter to the Editor: Smith a benefit to Springfield

Dear Editor, While we enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer, the August 4 primary election draws near. I’d like to recommend David Smith for the Springfield Township Supervisor position. David is uniquely qualified for this position. He’s lived in the area all his life, and has the farm/agriculture background that will represent so many of our […]

Letter to the Editor: Moreau a leader for Springfield

Dear Editor, This letter is in support of Laura Moreau for Supervisor of Springfield Township. I have served on the township board with Laura for the past 12 years. During that time. I have witnessed her dedication to the Township. Her last 12 years, besides being an outstanding clerk, have been spent working to make […]

Letter to the Editor: Refuting Main Street claims

Dear Editor, In response to “Letter to the Editor: Main Street traffic statistics.” With all due respect to Mr. Khan’s MD credentials, he appears to know little about traffic and related costs. First of all, “crash” is the preferred word versus what are often called “accidents.” The terminology has been changing because it is rarely […]

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