Candidate would support health care

Dear Editor: Integrity and honesty in government are important. Nicole Breadon is running for state representative in District 43 because she supports funding for public schools, infrastructure and roads, and protecting working families. As a representative, she would also support developing a single payer health care system, working across the aisle to develop what is […]

Calls for financial fitness for electeds

Dear Editor, The Village of Clarkston faces very significant financial challenges. The recent report to City Council details the condition of our roads and the expenses required to maintain them. Past city councils have ignored infrastructure maintenance. We will need to spend double the cost currently budgeted to keep the roads from further deteriorating. And […]

Community’s kindness to family much appreciated

Dear Editor, The Malinowski and Wyniemko family would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, support, prayers, kindness, and for all the food that was sent to the family. Michele Malinowski was a loving wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend to many. The help that everyone provided gave us the […]

Letters to the Editor

Reader calls for continuing city progress Dear Editor, Two years ago the Clarkston voters elected Sue Wylie and Rick Detkowski to the City Council, and Steve Percival as mayor; those three new votes helped start a process of change in the city government. One year ago the voters picked Scott Reynolds to constitute a council […]

Letters to the Editor

Experience matters Dear Editor, It upset me a great deal, just a few days after his burial, to see the image of the late Senator John McCain this past week used in political attack ads. It is a disgraceful sign of the continued lack of integrity in our political system, which is certainly not what […]

Letters to the Editor

Reader wants local rep Dear Editor, Now I’ve heard it all, we have pop-up boutiques, pop-up vegetable stands, pop-up antique furniture stores and now the Eighth Congressional District has a pop-up Democrat candidate! Elissa Slotkin has popped-up in a district where she hasn’t lived in 20 years. Leaving her home and husband in Washington DC […]

Letters to the Editor

Easement would protect wetlands, says conservancy Dear Editor, Your local conservancy is pleased with the city’s consideration to partner and protect the wetlands of Depot Park. This jewel of Clarkston is five times larger than many citizens realize. The five developed acres of the park, including the gazebo, lawn and playground, are what people think […]

Reader appreciates candidate’s security experience

Dear Editor, North Korea. Afghanistan. Syria. Russia. China. With so many difficult international situations facing our country, we need someone representing us in Congress who has substantial experience working with U.S. national defense agencies. Elissa Slotkin is that person. The former acting assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs at the Pentagon, Ms. Slotkin […]

Thanks for supporting Rush for Food

Dear Editor, We would like to thank the Clarkston Community for their support in the 21st Annual Rush for Food that was on Saturday, Aug. 18. Every year at this time our Clarkston football players and cheer teams enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community. Varsity and JV players canvassed over 35 neighborhoods […]

Letters to the Editor

Reader calls for city attorney to be sacked Dear Editor, Let’s make the November election of local city council members about who is going to represent the people instead of blindly following bad advice and directives from the city attorney and other so called “experts” who have repeatedly been found wrong. The city attorney admits […]

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