Support for Bloomberg

Dear Editor, As an independent voter, I always hope that elections are between qualified candidates. Political party affiliation is secondary. For that reason, I am supporting Mike Bloomberg in the upcoming Michigan Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 10. Bloomberg is a self-made (no inherited wealth) extremely successful business owner who served three terms as the […]

A call for truth

Dear Editor, As much as one tries, mass media in America is hard to ignore. All day, all night we are bombarded by network news, radio, television and major newspapers that publish only three or four stories a day. Studies have shown over 90 percent of this blather and chatter is negative about our sitting […]

Memories of 1945

Dear Editor, Yes, I remember 1945 (“History in headlines,” Feb. 5). It was a historic year. Our president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, died of a heart attack. Two other world leaders, the infamous Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, also died. Reportedly, Hitler shot himself and Mussolini died from the rifles of an Italian firing squad. Over […]

DIA renewal

Dear Editor, When is a promised, one-time, 10-year tax NOT as pledged to the voters? When it has to do with the DIA. In 2012, when the City of Detroit was consumed by bankruptcy, the DIA was successful in asking Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties to pass a 10-year millage. I supported this temporary tax […]

Help from U.S. rep

Dear Editor, My son was born with aortic valve stenosis. It is a narrowing of the aortic valve that impedes blood flow from the heart to the body. Yes, as new parents this is as terrifying as it sounds. He is now 18 months old and it has been the joy of my life to […]

Best wishes for long-time city engineer

Dear Editor, Congratulations and best wishes to Gary Tressel, City of the Village of Clarkston’s long-time city engineer and resident, on his retirement. Gary has been the city’s engineer as long as I can remember. He has been little known yet one of the most valuable and steady resources to the city over the years. […]

Thanks for human-trafficking awareness help

Dear Editor, The Woman’s Life Chapter 864 of Clarkston would like to express our sincere appreciation for the Clarkston Community Schools district and their support of our initiative to create Human Trafficking awareness in the community. We are a philanthropic group of enthusiastic women, focused on helping those in need and making a positive impact […]

Community support of My Habitat appreciated

Dear Editor, Thank you to all the dedicated individuals who gave of their time, skill set and dollars this past year to support the efforts of My Habitat Clarkston! In 2019, we were able to serve 40 families with yard clean-up, exterior home repairs and those larger, critical home repair projects – most are elderly, […]

Reader doesn’t see benefit of regional transit

Dear Editor, I would like to thank you for publishing information from our representative, Andrea Schroeder, regarding her office hours and the 2019 Legislation Review. I would also like to thank Pat Kittle for his informative article on the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). That motivated me to attend Rep. Schroeder’s office hours on Jan. 13, […]

Warped War Powers

Dear Editor, The Constitution provides Congress with the sole power to make declarations of war. The 1973 War Powers Resolution passed by the House and Senate requires congressional approval before the president deploys armed forces and commits troops to war. U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s House resolution (not passed by the Senate and therefore has no […]

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