‘No’ to driver pic

Dear Editor, I would have preferred not to see a picture of that truck driver, who rammed the building, in the paper…anywhere (“Seconds to space,” April 25). I don’t know what caused him to do that, but he could easily have killed a number of people. I think he should’ve been held in custody until […]

Letters to the Editor

Training for Autism Dear Editor, I am writing to inform you of the disconnect between adults with mental illnesses and insurance companies not covering services for them while they are not in crisis. In 2008, the state legislators passed the Mental health and Addiction Equity Act where health insurance carriers were prevented from limiting benefits […]

Letters to the Editor

Tax idea questionable Dear Editor, There is no question many of the roads in Independence Township require repairs and maintenance (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11). But I question more tax as a solution to the problem. There are a number of sources of tax revenue for roads such as user fees […]

Letters to the Editor

Fix roads with current funds, reader says Dear Editor, A new road millage is not the answer to better roads (“Township mulls road millage to fix roads,” April 11). First we should start by lowering the weight limits commercial vehicles are allowed to carry. Overweight trucks crush our roads. Strictly enforce fines for over weight […]

Prom Salon at Clarkston High School

Dear Editor, With a week to go, the CHS Junior Optimists are proud to announce we are holding our First Ever, “The Prom Salon” at Clarkston High School! This dress sale will be held on April 14th from 10am-3pm. Cash only please. We will be selling gently worn prom dresses, at deep discounted prices. We could […]

Appreciation for school leadership

Dear Editor, I wish to publicly acknowledge the Clarkston Community Schools’ Administrative Office staff for their hard work, dedication, professionalism, perseverance, and collaboration in coping with the superintendent’s sudden departure three months ago, as well as with the tragedy of the Parkland school shootings. They have performed incredibly under the most challenging of circumstances, so […]

Letters to the Editor

Congrats for musical Dear Editor, We moved to Independence Township about 40 years ago and our five children have all graduated from Clarkston High School and, with that foundation, each went on to earn their college degree. Since our children’s graduation from high school, we have not been back much to enjoy and support the […]

Letters to the Editor

Keep light shining on local issues Dear Editor, Last week was Sunshine Week, a time “to enlighten and empower people to play an active role in their government at all levels, and to give them access to information that makes their lives better and their communities stronger.” March 16 was Freedom of Information Day and […]

Letters to the Editor

NRA money trumps morality Dear Editor, Regarding the Florida school massacre, what is more important, the Second Amendment and the NRA, or the lives of our children and grandchildren? It is ironic that on Valentine’s Day, 89 years ago in Chicago, Al Capone mowed down seven gangsters with a Tommy gun, AKA a machine gun. […]

A call to check into contradictions

Dear Editor, Today in America we have the Open Meetings Act, which allows closed meetings, a Freedom of Information Act that hides information from citizens, and “gun free zones” where mass murders take place. Strangely, many Americans don’t see the madness in these obvious contradictions. How will our freedom survive the strain of national psychosis? […]

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