Letters to the Editor

Thanks for Hoops for Troops support Dear Editor, The Clarkston High School Girls Basketball program would like to thank everyone involved with the Fourth Annual Hoops for the Troops Basketball game that took place Feb 7. With your help and the help of our wonderful sponsors, we raised $3,300 for North Oakland County Veterans Treatment […]

Letters to the Editor

Words taken out of context, reader says Dear Editor, I want to thank the City Council for not appointing Cory Johnston to any committees (“Activist sidelined on committees,” Jan. 25). Cory puts heart and soul, along with many hours of research, into any task. This will free up all that time for him to complete […]

New hope for foster kids

Hi, I’m Rebecca Peart. You may remember me as the girl who was adopted from Guangzhou, China. The girl who was abandoned when she was only a few days old. That’s because I had written an column for The Clarkston News before. It was in April and about my story, my adoption from China to […]

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for help with holiday service Dear Editor, Wint Funeral Home would like to thank the many people who helped with our Annual Holiday Memorial Candle Lighting Service. The heartwarming service took place on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016. Special thanks to Clarkston Community Church for their beautiful church and many gracious members who assisted […]

WORDS FROM THE SUP’T: Campaign for wellbeing

It is my hope every member of our community had a blessed, restful holiday season filled with extensive time spent with loved ones. Each New Year, many of us as individuals set resolutions. Likely among these are exercise, healthy eating, and more time spent on the activities we most enjoy. Recently, I heard an interview […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for supporting Shoes for Kids Dear Editor, The success of the “Shoes for Kids” program is predicated on so many factors including the weather, but more importantly the support by the Clarkston community. “Shoes for Kids” has been the Clarkston Rotary’s signature community project for the past 38 years. It takes the collaborative efforts […]

Poverty’s effect on Clarkston

During the last couple of months for my Language Arts class, I have worked on a project to answer the question “What attributes lead to poverty in Clarkston?” This question came to mind after reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. In this classic, Lee illustrated the characteristics in different people based on how […]

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